(Sunday exclusive on TBP} Comr Odirachinma Ezeobi
March 25,2018

On this wonderful and mild Sunday afternoon, I send greetings to all men and women of good conscience. To start with, I wish to implore all our followers on TheBiafraPost to be kind enough to read in between the lines before drawing a conclusion and possibly apportioning blames to separate quarters. It is most unwise to view Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to be an immortal leader who is devoid of making mistakes. I have been in many Zoos across Nigeria since my primary School days, I have read about Zoos and how they operate, I have also watch movies on happenings in different Zoos and it deem it wise to give honor to whom honor is due and offer apology to whom should be appeased. In Zoos, Animals are separated according to their species what humans will call "tribes" Lions are not allowed to mingle with Cows, neither will Sheep be kept anyway close to Dogs or Wolfs. They live in peace of their abode what humans will of course call "liberty" It is quite unusual for one to see the Lion kingdom trying to dominate the Python kingdom in any Zoo, such happens in the jungle not the Zoo. The only mistake Nnamdi Kanu made so far is in the comparative methodology. He was comparing Nigeria with a Zoo instead of calling a spade by its real name.

Before I am tagged a crusader of hate speech and my head be used to appease the gods of Daura, let me quickly point out to our amiable followers that the unchecked massacre of Biafrans started way before the civil war, since 1945, Biafrans have been seen as a threat to domination of Hausa Fulani oligarchy, every opportunity is used to massacre the Biafran people. The world must record that the killing of unarmed Biafrans without any serious plan to stop such makes Nigeria no way what should be called a Zoo. Biafrans were massacred at  Nkpor, they were massacred at  Onitsha, Igweocha, Uzo Uwani, Afara Uku, etc, most are still in detention 

Hundreds missing and what is the reason, the simple fact is because humans that love shedding blood were forced on innocent peace loving people. The reason is same with what would have been the fate of the sheep in the Zoo if Hyenas were placed in the same cage with them. We owe great apologies to the Zoo worldwide because we are in more despicable situations than animals in the Goo.. God have mercy and restore Biafra .

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