Biafra: Exposing The Scam Called The Kidnapped Of Dapchi School Girls By The Dreaded Nigerian Military In Boko-Haram Regalia

By Comr. Godwin J. Chinedu, Mazi Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi, Comr. Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP
March 26, 2018

The stage-managed kidnapping of Dapchi girls; returned with luggages.
The Biafra Post wishes to extend our warm greetings to our readers all over the globe, and it is a great pleasure for us here to welcome you all to this week edition of "Hard Truth". Hard Truth is a systematic exposition designed to help eliminate lies and deceit; such as the on going Dapchi Girls hypocritical fraud, spear-headed by Dictator Mohammadu Buhari and his -APC-led Government who coincidentally are the founder and Sponsor Boko Haram.

As 2019 Nigerian general election is around the corner and the tyrant, Mohammadu Buhari -APC-led Government, having failed woefully are now looking for a way to justify their incompetence before the International Communities. Readers may recall that the then United States of America President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and his British counterpart, Prime Minister David Cameron endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari and ousted the democratically elected President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan using smear campaign in year 2015.

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari was fraudulently elected to fight Boko Haram extremists in the North-East and some other parts of North-Central in Nigeria, and the most notably was the April 2014 kidnapping of 276 Chibok School Girls'. President Barrack Hussein Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron administration, CNN and BBC succeeded in using unsubstantiated Chibok Girls' (Political fraud) to bring in a former coupist, a religious bigot, a tyrant and a dictator in the person of Mr. Mohammadu Buhari who is currently the Commander-in-Chief of Boko Haram armed forces, into power and luckly enough, the world subscribed to their deceit and lies.

Now that the alarming political scarecrow and farce of Dapchi School Girls took effect under a well collaborated arrangement, the Mohammadu Buhari -APC led Government were very quick to forget that the era of Obama and David Cameron administration are no more; the world of 2015 is not the same with 2019 as lots has changed. Biafra Reporters are here to expose the political game and the political undertone following the arrangement of the legally abduction and release of Dapchi School Girls.

This evil and outdated form of deceiving the gullible Nigerians is what the Biafra Reporters is about to shed more light into; this is pure political corruption and fraud which demands that the President resign from office for having committed perjury. Now the question sane minds tend to ask is - why have CNN and BBC suddenly seize their operation in Nigeria following her role in promoting and propagating Chibok Girls' Political fraud.

However the public are disheartened that the likes of CNN and BBC have failed woefully to tell the world that evidently, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari -APC led government stage-managed the scam called "Dapchi School Girls" abduction to gain aids and support from the world International aids organization. What is the likes of CNN and BBC ashamed of reporting? The fact that Boko Haram terrorists received a "heroic welcome" as they returned back the 100 secondary school girls whom they abducted from Dapchi in Yobe State.

Evidence abounds from the video footage which shown residents of Dapchi hailing and waving at the tyrant Mohammadu Buhari arranged Boko Haram members; as they were leaving the town of Dapchi, information received earlier-on has it that the military and other security operatives stationed at Dapchi town were authorized from Aso-Rock to depart and leave their duty posts during the cause of returning the girls. A reliable and verifiable source has it that Nigeria Army and Police were duly notified about the movement of the Mohammadu Buhari arranged Boko Haram convoy to Dapchi through 5 telephone calls.

Also the right-wing terrorist of the Nigerian Armed Forces pupulally known as Boko Haram were asking residents for direction to the school; on their arrival the operation which lasted for 4 hours was safe and sound without any challenge from the supposed allegedly Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; of course all the Military checkpoints were dismantled hours before the operation of returning the girls kick-started and what the public saw was the supposed allegedly kidnapped Dapchi School Girls' clean and well dressed with luggages as if they went on a trip to Dubai.

This also gives credence to the evidence given by sergeant David Bako of the Nigerian Military who also reported of his involvement in the scamming exercise of deceiving the gullible Nigerian; sergeant David Bako detailed the public on how it was all planned out by the -Abuja cabals to help press home that the failed tyrant Mohammadu Buhari- APC led government is working hard to apprehend the insurgency situations ravaging the country; sergeant David Bako assertion also corroborated with that of Nigerian Former Chief of Army Staff -TY Danjuma who over the weekend in a convocation lecture made it clear to the world that the Nigerian Army are working hand-in-hand with the armed bandits, name it Bokoharam or herdsmen to kill their fellow compatriots.

It is now evidently clear to the world that this tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's -APC led government can go to any length to help untamed and protect his Hausa-Fulani brothers [savages] so as to hold a firm grip to power; is it not obvious that the Mohammadu Buhari government is a lackey to the Bokoharam insurgents in the country for having granted them amnesty and a Presidential pardon. Biafra Reporters are much concerned about the conspiracy of silence perpetrated by International media led by British Broadcasting Corporation over the Dapchi School Girls seasonal movie if Nigeria is not a British investment.

What is holding evil BCC from reporting the heroic welcome the indigenes of Dapchi gave to those Nigerian Military men who disguised themselves on a Bokoharam regalia and insignia? Doesn't this prove to the general public that there is more to this well orchestrated plan by the Abuja cabals than what the normal eyes sees going on in this country Nigeria? Whatever the case may be, the Biafran people are more interested in one thing; and that is freedom from such a controversial country where a sect holds the whole people to ransom and claim it is their right to do so.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie

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