By Comr. Odiranchinma Ezeobi, Comr. Godwin. J. Chinedu, Mr. Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP March 19, 2018 On this week "Hard Truth", Biafra Reporters pray that our numerous sane readers keep a dial with us at the Biafra Post online news handle as we analyze the contemporary issues and development in the struggle for a free Biafra as championed by the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB. Nigerian government have been ordered by the African Union (AU), right organ for the African rights commission to stand down on any further attack on the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra as there are lots prevailing evidences and case of human right abuses filed against the Nigerian government by the Indigenous People of Biafra legal team.

This order is coming after months of declaring the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist outfit by the Nigerian government, this followed the proscription order initiated by Nnia Nwodo Ohaneze Ndigbo group and South-East governors condemning the activities of a non-violent movement in a Democratic society if actually Nigeria is practicing one. The landslide victory of the Indigenous People of Biafra in all court cases against the Nigerian government in their supposed allegedly courts of competent jurisdiction and the fear ladened body language of unprecedented adjournment of cases in different courts in Nigeria that is not unconnected with the Biafra struggle. With these antics of unnecessary court adjournment so far employed by the Nigerian government in her courts leaves no one in doubt that the liberation movement is not something that can be wished away by merely and shamelessly proscribed the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist outfit. The learned civil societies may care to ask a fundamental question which is " where in the world do terrorist organization and their cells seek for redress in a court of law; how then a government that wittingly pronounced Indigenous People terrorist in their home land still drag same terrorist organization to a court of law? The call for seize of attacks against the Indigenous People of Biafra -IPOB by African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights had further proven to humanity cause that the right to self-determination is a legitimate cause and with this pronouncement so far by African Union has further strengthen the people of Biafra call for a referendum to be conducted for them to decide their collective fates and it is viewed that any ruling from any court now that is not rooted in finding a way to conduct the much needed referendum for this people is purely prejudice and biased. At this point The Biafra Post wants to remind the recognized apparatus needed or effective organization[s] to desist from diplomatic racism towards the ruling of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights- [ACHR] against the Nigerian government, making foreign policy a bureaucratic nightmare will mare humanity cause in Africa and help breed tyrants in their numbers because Biafrans are fully aware of Muhammadu Buhari -APC led government and what this government is capable of doing at all times so that the honorable judges handling this case to compromise and frustrate this sound and effective ruling charging Nigerian government to withdraw further attacks on the members of Indigenous People of Biafra.
With greater recognition of International human rights law; however It’s one thing to make the law; it’s another thing to implement it. The Indigenous People of Biafra on this note urge the President of USA Mr. Donald J. Trump and her British counterpart Prime Minister - Theresa May. The United Nations Human Rights Council, National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria, European Commission for Human Rights, United Nations Security Council, European Union, Africa Union, US Congress, House of Commons and Lords of the United Kingdom as well as Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Zion and Hebrew Movement and Parliament of Canada among others to ensure that a world based on fairness, equal rights and justice is observed at all times. From a human rights perspective and also from a legal rights perspective the Indigenous People of Biafra have a genuine case to seek for their total liberation from an oppressive regime which is hell-bent on executing and exterminating them using a geographical name to commit mass murder; on one hand the issue of the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Federal Government of Nigeria should be addressed using every components of law as this will help protect the basic dignity of all people regardless of their economic status or any other thing defining human characteristics.

Self-determination in a sane clime is synonymous to the term referendum but with the exception of some misguided elements and miss priorities in the Nigerian government they understand or sees the noble call for referendum as a call for war; even the Nigerian government media houses are also not left out on dishing out this false sentiment to the general public consumption on a daily basis. From the online dictionary defined the term self-determination as thus: the ability or right to make one's decisions without interference from others be it political or apolitical. Then on a well elaborated note on the other hand the term referendum is defined as a vote to make decisive constitutional matter or state of affairs.

Since it is a well known notion that what the Indigenous People of Biafra are demanding from the office that be is their legitimate and legal rights to self-determination which also gives credence to their right to voting process called referendum to willingly decide their affairs concerning being a unit in the Nigeria build-up; the Nigerian government has to respect this avowed laws that safeguard the Indigenous People of Biafra rights to a referendum rather breaking International protocols that needs to be observed. It is now left for the Nigerian government to drop her intimidating forms and embrace the call that calls for or that will usher in a referendum process.

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