Odirachinma Ezeobi(tbp) 20th march 2018 Today being the 20th March 2018, Benjamin madubugwu,David Nwawuisi,Bright Chimezie and Chidiebere Onwudiwe will be appeared before the Nigerian high court Abuja for "no charge" It might interest you to know that Nigerian DSS and of course Attorney general of the federation continue in their culture of disobedient of court order by filing their frivolous amended charges at the 11th hour against   Justice Binta Nyako's order for an amended charge to be filed two weeks earlier The implication of this disobedience to judicial adjudication is that the Biafran activists are held in violation of there rights. With the delay and disobedience to court orders, the Nigerian government is on yet another plan to keep on detaining the activists without trial. The trial judge hon Binta Nyako must do the needful as these men are standing for no trial . Benjamin Madubugwu and co defendants should be freed on the basis of no charge since the prosecuting unit have found nothing to file against them.

Any ruling or adjournment of this case will prove further that Nigerian judiciary is biased and dependent on the executive arm, at such must be refuted by all civil societies.
Fairness should reign supreme...

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