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February 5, 2018

OKON: I hear say Oga said that we should disarm Fulani herdsmen HUDU: First, I will report you to Oga for negligence, was that an order or ordinary say? OKON: Hudu abeg no vex; have pity, you know I am about to convert to Islam, please no report to Oga because I cannot feed my family without this job? HUDU: That is good; you must try and convert to a Muslim to enjoy dividend of democracy and politics in this regime. Na our Baba dey on top now. OKON: Hudu believe you me; I am making arrangement, so Oga ordered us to disarm Herdsmen?

HUDU: Who told you that was the order? OKON: I heard disarm and I used my head to think that no any other people that deserve to be disarmed if not Herdsmen killing hundreds of Nigerians. HUDU: Okon, Okon, Okon, and how many times did I call your name? OKON: Three times; I am keenly listening HUDU: Are they killing Nigerians or killing Christians, as a Muslim, anything concerns you with a Christian? OKON: But the whole thing will affect the regime of Baba? HUDU: Baba is a faithful; a chronic Muslim, he can sacrifice his office for Allah and Sharia to lead us all; the problem of Nigeria is Christianity. If we enforce Sharia through Jihad, everything will be fine; they will respect Allah and know that corruption is haram. OKON: Ok; I have heard you, but Fulani Herdsmen were tagged terrorist, number fourth in the world HUDU: That is because the West hates Islam; how could you tag people that their cows are rustled terrorist. They live in the bush and they have guns and machetes they use in defending themselves against wild animals, then when cow rustlers come, should they fold their arms? OKON: But they are invading communities and not being invaded? People also see that as Jihad HUDU: Jihad is a holy war; is like evangelism and also to cleanse the land of evil, infidels deserve whatsoever given to them. OKON: People are shouting and calling Islam bad name; are you not worried because I am worried? HUDU: Don’t tell me you are still an infidel; you must have the heart to focus on the mission and leave what people talk. People will only talk while we execute our objectives and after the objectives we can talk with them. Go to Turkey and ask how Allah took over Turkey; the people were talking until we took over. OKON: But what if they take up arms to defend their lives and communities? HUDU: Why is the IG a Muslim? Why are all the security chiefs Muslims? OKON: I don’t know dear Hudu HUDU: Good; they are chiefs so that IG can order us to disarm vigilante groups and communities that rise to the occasion of self-defense. This is why IG ordered us to disarm everybody except Fulani Herdsmen. This is why seven Fulani terrorists, no, herdsmen were murdered in Benue and Buratai sent troops to arrest infidels. OKON: okay….. chai, and people do say that Hausa/Fulani don’t have sense, Muslims are the smartest people I have ever seen. HUDU: Hahahahaha… Allah is great, He gave His children His utmost wisdom and you will get such wisdom as soon as you fully convert and promoted. OKON: But what if Christians notice this and fight back? HUDU: Hahahaha… Christians don’t fight, their fight is spiritual and not of flesh, so we control everything. They might have even noticed but Jesus is against them defending their lives and belief. OKON: What a pity; no wonder I heard they will be going into fasting and prayers and also said they will boycott cow meat. HUDU: Don’t mind those fools tied by Roman sun god called Jesus; wetin cow meat have to do with what we are doing in Nigeria. This is Jihad, holy land is aware of it, Muslims worldwide are sponsoring it. OKON: So disarming everybody for Fulani herdsmen to have easy access without opposition is the motive of the IG? HUDU: Now you know what we are saying; without being told, did you not see the body language of the IG since Jihad started? First he said Fulani herdsmen are not responsible for Benue holy attack, he said again that it is farmers and herdsmen clash and finally, he said that anti-open grazing bill should be abolished or our foot soldiers continue cleaning infidels.
OKON: Please; my community people should be spared when the movements gets there HUDU: I am not a herder or a foot soldier, but the best way to spare any community is to urge them to accept Sharia, convert to Islam and get protected by Allah. OKON: Jesus! No, sorry, Allah! How will the community get converted at once? HUDU: When they are killed; they will choose between death and Allah, don’t worry OKON: But why are they so interested in grazing and cattle colonies

HUDU: I no trust your investigative questions; we have to go and disarm those infidels for our foot soldiers to walk in unhindered. You are asking me as if say you no know say that the only way to come into communities and carry out Jihad is by pretext. Can we come into all the places we are today without the pretext of grazing? Oya make we go disarm them!

Author Ifeanyi Chijioke
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