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By Chinedu J Godwin - TBP February 06, 2018 I believe in the healing power of sharing the stories that are hardest to tell; that is why at the Biafra Post most of our effective and eloquent writers help you get to the knowledge of events without digressing on the subject matter. With this brief introductory cum explanation so far will help remove the grip of shame from our experiences by sharing them in an authentic and entertaining way to heal the parts that hurt and wounded. The renewed quest and clamor for the restoration of Biafra to many it presents a golden opportunity to seek for political relevance and publicity while some view it from or other perspectives an avenue to unshackle themselves from eternal slavery in hands of Hausa-Fulani dominated Nigeria; like an Igbo-Biafra adage would rightly say [ala adinma okwa uru ndi nze]. Nollywood Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo who is also a Lawyer by Profession had earlier Nov 14, 2016 appeared in Abuja Federal High Court; same day Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra was arraigned by the Federal Government of Nigerian on trump-up charges. Following his [Kenneth Okonkwo] appearance, he emphasized thus that he believed in the unity of Nigeria and that the destiny of the Igbo by extension the entire Biafra Land will be better served in a one Nigeria, this unguarded statement left some many Biafrans in a Sober reflection as i kept pondering and wondering if the 1994 Taboo spell never end in his life, not until January 26, 2018 during his chat on AIT where he made claims that there Is Nothing Called Biafra In Igboland. Biafra is not an Igbo word, Biafra died with His Excellency Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, then I realized that 26 years after the 1992 drama movie directed by Chris Obi Rapu, written by Kenneth Nnebue & Okechukwu Ogujiofor and produced by Okechukwu, that Kenneth Okonkwo was left in bondage. Since the term 'bondage' is the condition of being someone's property and having to work for them without ones freedom and liberty of purpose, with Kenneth Okonkwo's assertion and false claims on Biafra it is evident clear as an indicator that Kenneth Okonkwo is a happy slave in bonds and living in bondage to this man [Lugard] creation known as Nigeria. Kenneth Okonkwo having lost his sense of humor and identity following a major life trauma that Biafrans are faced with, suffering in this contraption. It has become an imperative thing to do, that he [Kenneth Okonkwo] go beyond this form of lost of identity and bondage and then find the true essence of who he is; if truly he is being fathered by an Igbo-Biafran, in as much as Biafra is not an "Igbo Nation". May I remind this Nollywood actor called Kenneth Okonkwo that the word "Bia" in Igbo dialect means 'come', and Afara depicts 'join' likewise most Igbo villages and towns are named with Afara as connotes or denotes, prefix and suffix attached to make meaning to their general names; such villages are found in Mbaitoli of Imo State, Anambra State, and Umuahia in Abia State; to them the word Afra means their "Kingdom" or town. The term 'Afara' to some other clan[s] here in Biafra land means join, literally the word Biafra means [come and join] and this goes to show that Biafra is not only our Nation but also our cosmology, Biafrans are pure Republicans in nature from time immemorial; Biafrans are arguably the only race on this planet earth that has no Army, Police or King, because Biafrans don't need them but believes in the Supremacy of Chukwu Okike Abiama as their divine protector; every community in Biafra land is naturally independent, Biafrans practically are egalitarians in nature. Permit me to lecture this Nollywood actor and film producer called Kenneth Okonkwo as a Legal practitioner supposedly to work or have a presentation of facts and evidence not being biased or prejudiced with his many disjointed jargon; Kenneth Okonkwo rightly said that Biafra Is not an Igbo word, now the question is the word Nigeria does it sound African?. Does the word Nigeria have any meaning in over 520 languages spoken in Nigeria toady or as an Igbo man which he claims to be can he tell us the meaning of Nigeria in Igbo?. I believe by now he must be in bewilderment. Flora Louise Shaw, [Born 19th day of December 1852 – Died on 25th day of January 1929], a British journalist and writer, was credited with having coined the name "Nigeria", In an essay that first appeared in The Times on 8th day of January 1897, by "Miss Shaw", she suggested the name "Nigeria" for the British Protectorate on the Niger River. In her essay, Flora Shaw made the case for a shorter term that would be used for the "agglomeration of free thinkers, traditionalists and Mohammedian States" to replace the official title, "Royal Niger Company Territories". She thought that the term "Royal Niger Company Territories" was too long to be used as a name of a Real Estate Property, under the Trading Company in that part of Africa. She was in search of a new name, and she coined out the name "Nigeria", in preference to terms, independently studies verified that Biafra have being in existence Five thousand (5,000) years ago long even before the coming of the British.

Kenneth Okonkwo in his wrong assumptions also made mention that Biafra died with His Excellency Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, which means by implication Nigeria must have died a natural death with Flora Louise Shaw and Frederick Lugard demised. Herbert Macaulay or maybe Chief Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe's death had it been Kenneth Okonkwo still have the ability to reason; he should have known that cosmology is far more greater than an ideology as long as we live on this earth Biafra can not die. Biafra as an egalitarian society to which somewhat correlates being republican in nature respect individual thought[s], view[s] and opinion[s] towards this quest to restore their Nation of Nations back but we must seize this opportunity to warn Kenneth Okonkwo and his likes not to use Biafra and this struggle for survival from Hausa-Fulani extermination to hence advance their political ambition in Nigeria because we have paid more than enough price and millions of our men, women and children have also paid the ultimate sacrifices with their lives to making sure that Chukwu Okike Abiama own Kingdom is restored back here on earth to mankind and to Kenneth Okonkwo and his likes the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

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