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Mazi Godwin Chinedu, Comr Odirachinma Ezeobi, Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP February 26, 2018 The British Broadcasting Corporation in Igbo service were hired on a ruse movement of censoring vital information from the general public thereby dishing out to the public the junks their employers hired them to do in other to help them keep a clean slate even if they are guilty as charged by the laws of the Nations. As Life hold secrets of their own, there is a hard truth beneath it, which sooner or later must come to the consciousness of the people, it can cause us pain that doesn't mean to shy away from speaking the truth — far from it. Instead by facing them we can find great peace and happiness; that is why here on "The Biafra Post" news outlet our weekly column on "Hard Truth" help keep the masses abreast of events as the unfold; on this week column Biafra Reporters will be deliberating on the hidden agenda behind the newly established BBC in Igbo service and also help expose the BBC mission to inoculates the gullible Biafrans with falsehood so as to exploit them the more and help further grab power and push forward the British Company popularly known as Nigeria, which is a clear example of nefarious art of astroturfing. Like the ever lying Nigerian Minister of Information Arts and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said Following the Federal Executive Council’s meeting held recently in Abuja; that the Nigerian government has completed arrangements to consult some International media organisations to contend with the veracity of the Indigenous People of Biafra media which has to a great extent destroyed the very fabrics of the country’s corporate existence. BBC in Igbo service have come to do her Luciferian work by manipulating public perception on the evil and inhumane acts perpetrated against the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra by the Nigerian government in other to avert justice. For this sole reason stated above British Broadcasting Corporation were hired to tackle and fight against Nnamdi Kanu's stand and his Indigenous People of Biafra but to their chagrin it duplicitous move came at the wrong hour. The common Igbo man on the street's of Onitsha is Biafra conscious, the common Efik man on the street's of Wellington Bassey in Akwa Ibom State is Biafra conscious so any foul report emanating from BBC as against the principle of truth upheld by the Indigenous People of Biafra will be repelled and thrown to where it belong. An envious soul that wishes to take over your inheritance can never turn and help you grow. Biafra Reporters have some salient questions waiting for response from the British government and her inoculate media tool called BBC. 1]. Where were the British Broadcasting Corporation all this while our people were being mowed down on the streets of Biafra land, Churches and worship places, IPOBs' normal rendezvous for their family meetings and Markets in Biafra land?. 2].What role did BBC play during the war if not shielding the murderous Nigerian/Islamic troop as they committed genocide against the Biafran populace?. Biafrans beware of BBC of any service though they shall come with tantalizing gifts, do not be carried away for they are back for the same mission they carried out in 1966-1970. You only see BBC when there is need to shield evil You only see BBC when there is need to brainwash the people; to justify our claims and refusal beyond any vague notion cause it is said "Whoever controls the past controls the future and Whoever controls the present controls the past". Biafra Reporters are much aware of the hatchet jobs the Nigerian government and her Southeast counterparts hired them to do.

Evil BBC can you enlighten the general public about the inscription boldly written Biafra doing on your BBC London Headquarter's marble? Does it mean that the evil BBC and her British government are much aware of the sufferings of the Biafrans forcefully amalgamated with the savages from the Northern Arewa. No matter what their mission is all about let them know that RBL will expose their current and recent hidden agenda over the plights of Biafrans.

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