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FEBRUARY 27,2018

BONIFACE: Is that one in Ebonyi state a democratic governor or military governor; he said that he would arrest critics opposing his sister cattle colony movement
OKEKE: Before? Who gave you right to say a governor should not do what he wants to do in his state, go and become a governor and do your own BONNIFACE: Constitutionally; I have right to freedom of speech and democratic government is my government and not his government. OKEKE: Until you find yourself in the DSS dungeon, you will know that this government is not aware of your existence BONNIFACE: Is that so; so anybody does what pleases him because he is governor or presdo? OKEKE: El-rufai don drive bulldozer go demolish building and the governor wan drive him own security men go arrest people opposed to his madness in the state BONIFACE: These governors are beginning to see themselves as demi-gods with the power to condemn and give life OKEKE: The matter is not a small one; but whatsoever madness going on in that state, why are the people of the state quiet?

BONNIFACE: But I am still afraid; this man will kill and arrest us if we act anything funny, his decision is not ordinary, his business is Hausa Fulani cattle herding OKEKE: That is true my brother; I heard he brings in Fulanis for his cow business and opposing the idea is detrimental to his business and he might not take it softly with anybody BONNIFACE: Let us better talk and avoid taking action to stop the governor; he might see it as instigation BONNIFACE: You want to go and talk? When the governor has armed men all over his home, office and on the street, he will just send them after you and that is the end. OKEKE: But I saw pictures of people holding meeting with Fulani herdsmen, community leaders, what is happening? BONNIFACE: Governors today play communal politics, in the sense that they install their stooge as community heads and use them. If the governor issued an order for you to have meeting with Fulani herdsmen and you refuse, you will be ousted. OKEKE: Is that why some people foolishly had a meeting? BONNIFACE: The governor has also mapped some money for the meeting; he is sponsoring the meeting and community leaders endeared themselves to the governor to share in the state wealth OKEKE: We will stay in the water and allow soap enter our only eye; okwa ofu anya foru BONNIFACE: I have told you; I will not go on the street to protest his decision; if you go, you will be attacked and killed by his security men. For me; it is better I wait for the fulanis he is arranging for us to kill me later than die now in the hands of the governor. OKEKE: The governor is serious; he will arrest anybody found criticizing his move to technically accept cattle colony. Nobody knows his reasons; of course; he is in power and he is now a small god who can order police and army to pick up poor brats ranting on the social media. He doesn’t want anybody to talk ill of his actions; all he wants is to be praised. BONIFACE: He just accepted to settle fulanis and what we should all do is start jumping and praise the governor; we should sing praises and embrace him , at least for this time we are still alive because these Fulanis ga abia na ike na ebube in no distant time OKEKE: I don’t know what is wrong with that man; is he campaigning for second tenure or trying to tell Fulani president that he can do anything for him? BONIFACE: he could be protecting his cattle; Ebonyi state has seen hell; the governor is the man behind Fulani herdsmen influx into the state OKEKE: Criticizing the business of the governor is a big risk, the DSS have been ordered to fish out everybody that disagreed with the governor BONIFACE: But please; is he not a democratic governor? OKEKE: Is it not in this democracy that Chidiebere Onwudiwe and Bright Chimezie them were imprisoned for nothing? How much more a critic like you, you will be given life imprisonment if care is not taken BONIFACE: But the reason I felt we should oppose the governor is because of our children and our generation. The governor is planting a generational seed of death; we better speak out now and get imprisoned than keep quiet and get irresponsible to our generation OKEKE: My brother; I agree with you on this; the issue of Fulani herdsmen takes time and when they start, they won’t stop till they reach their objective. The governor may think is not a problem but season will unleash the terror lying in their hearts

OKEKE: But let it be very clear to us; if we don’t stop the governor, then we are nothing but cowards that could not live for our generation.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja He is an author, Analyst, investigative journalist and TV anchor

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