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I neglected the accusation that Ifeanyi Uba pushed and stole a woman’s phone since the very day I saw the post on social media. One of the reasons that warranted my core negligence was the fact that IPOB spokesperson did not make any statement regarding that and neither did any notable IPOB person come close to the accusation. The rumour was a normal social media rant and the rant was shared in all facebook forums- no exception.

On Radio Biafra; I did not hear where Uchemefor talked about stealing phone from our mothers and as such, I believe that IPOB dismissed the accusation and must not join issue with any nonsense that surfaces on social media. We all know the game and procedure; IPOB is responsible for anything only when her spokesperson speaks on it or notable figure in IPOB leadership.

Social media has its own way of executing rumour or character assassination; I have been a victim, when I suffered assassination in the hands of irresponsible persons in Portharcourt.  Unscrupulous elements can take advantage of social media and IPOB leadership is not answerable to anything they did not say or signed.

However; the tip is enough for Charles Ogbu whom I read his unprofessional and poor ‘update’ regarding Ifeanyi Uba’s issue- where he made it clear that the response he got after he uploaded videos to prove innocence of Mr Ifeanyi Ubah was rather indicting (to Uba) and not apology from IPOB.

Now; that is where Charles Ogbu goofed; how does he expect IPOB to officially apologize on something her spokesman did not admit or considered true? How did he expect apology from IPOB leadership on something they did not know where it came from? How did he expect apology from IPOB leadership over an issue that was rather distracting and they did not consent?

Charles Ogbu acted quite like a child or emotionally driven wayward mistress; by attacking IPOB leadership. But before I conclude this piece with the simple truth that Charles Ogbu disappointed a comrade like me, I won’t fail to teach him how Radio Biafra London (group page works) works.

Radio Biafra London has many administrators who can approve posts and millions of posts come in daily and sometimes approvals are randomly made. He should also do his research very well and see that the accusation came from online facebook user and then posted on Radio Biafra London by same element. The reason such post may have been approved was to avoid discrimination; things for and against Biafara are approved there, it’s a free group. Or rather part of the random approvals.

Let me also inform Charles Ogbu that he ought to commend IPOB leadership for somehow telling people to stop attacking Ifeanyi Ubah and which they are not even supposed to say because nothing concerns them with the online post hence Emma Powerful did not consent or IPOB leadership signed or any notable IPOB leader backed the rant. But okwa onye enyere allow, ochoba allowance; IPOB don say make people stop, now you don dey carry them put inside what does not concern them.

Please; somebody should take this to Charles Ogbu and maybe explain to him the response he received from IPOB leadership after calling their attention to the post that was not real. IPOB urged or tactically scolded the people of southsouth and southeast on social media to leave the gossip of Ifeanyi Uba and face the agitation they came for.

Finally; if this helpful reply is not okay for him and his cohorts, then IPOB must desist from begging the people and ask Charles Ogbu who is Uba’s agent if Emma Powerful said that Uba stole phone or Uchemefor said so. If he is able to provide evidence that Emma powerful or Uchemefor said so; which is when IPOB will join issue or speak on that matter. Abi IPOB don become refuge bin; where anything a mad man says and posted on facebook/ Radio Biafra London becomes IPOB business.

If Uba’s wife received threatening messages; what concerns IPOB leadership, was IPOB leadership the one that made the accusation or went to Enugu? Or who has not received text messages before? Did he Charles Ogbu not received threat messages when he was accused of being a saboteur or did I not receive threat for the same thing, so does it concern IPOB or IPOB must start managing different characters of millions of people of Biafra. IPOB takes responsibility of only what Emma Powerful says or Uchemefor or any notable leader in the leadership.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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