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January 30, 2018

Last four years when I identified with the agitation for the restoration of Biafra; I was about to publish my third novel titled ‘Rape of Jennifer’. I had written two books but not satisfied with the quality of the books, so I worked hard to make sure the third escaped me from troubles and self-criticisms. But then I was called from abroad by an agitator who pleaded that I use my career to fight for my nation that was annexed in 1970. Of course; there was a ‘country’ that existed between 1967 and 1970 and that nation was (is) my nation.

I left the publication and demanded a refund of the money I paid the company and before I knew it; I was to pioneer/lead the media wing of the agitation. Slowly; I championed the cause, courtesy of radical journalists in the rank but sometimes I look back and ask myself, what really dried up their ink. That class of journalists has fizzled out but hopefully; Chima Onyekachi will return to his writing desk because I don’t want to be the last of the class.

I took time listening to Radio Biafra and studied the ideology of the leader of the people of Biafra; and I was able to align myself with it. I strongly believe that everything preached on Radio Biafra is the blue print of Biafra restoration and I will not shift ground on the ideology of Nnamdi Kanu. If Radio Biafra is a school as we believe; then I have graduated with first class and will always give what I know. I am determined to making sure Biafra is restored under Nnamdi Kanu’s watch because this is the time or never.
The reason I digressed above is to placate those that hate positive criticisms that will propel us to victory. Last week; my column discussed the terrorist tag court ruling; and later on, I received too many messages that I am being too radical journalists and that I must calm down and follow process but in response, I reminded them that what I do is go ahead and make the path clear or suggest a better approach. I reminded them that all I do is under the category of opinion and not an order but let it be remembered that I took that position and the best thing to do is neglect the message of the column and not to ask me to stop contribution constructive criticisms that will make the agitation perfect.

IPOB remains the most legal or lawful people or organization I have ever known; let me make it clear that IPOB is a product of UN 2007 Charter that Nigeria is signatory to. This means that IPOB itself is a law and not binding by wish or neither is a law binding her. The argument is clear; law cannot question a law. Going further; IPOB is a legitimate and a law cannot question legitimacy. This is the simple thing we must admit; IPOB coming before a court of law because of being tagged terrorist is a mistake in the first place. The best approach was to neglect the terrorist tag and go on with her activists than going to a court of law belonging to the ‘tagger’ to question the tag.

This is like Mugabe of Zimbabwe saying that Muhammadu Buhari is not the president of Nigeria but the president of Fulani herdsmen and Buhari goes to court to challenge Mugabe or expect the court to say he is the president of Nigeria. Such action would warrant giving meaning or live to the stupidity of Mugabe’s pronouncement. The law has already made Buhari’s presidency a ‘legitimate’ as the law made IPOB a ‘legitimate’ and Mugabe’s pronouncement will only been seen as insanity and totally be neglected, whilst the best comment from Buhari would be “I have checked the law and the law made me president so your pronouncement is neglected as I will go on with my activities”. This same thing was what IPOB could have done; neglect the terrorist tag and go on with its activities and when asked to go to court IPOB will respond “Why must we go to court when we are legitimate and the court has no right on legitimacy”.

The idea of Ifeanyi Ejiofor challenging the matter in the court made the whole thing look like the pronouncement is effective or has any legal meaning. Nigeria has also taken the advantage to hold a senseless and wasteful pronouncement as if though it has a weight. But if going to the court was a mistake; then IPOB can correct this mistake by announcing or ordering her lawyer to withdraw the case from the court on the basis that they have assessed the activities of IPOB and noticed that there is no violence therein let alone terrorism and as such the Nigerian pronouncement will henceforth be neglected as all activities of IPOB will go on.
As a first class graduate of Radio Biafra; it is imperative I remind Ifeanyi Ejiofor that Nigeria has no law and the judicial system of the country is corrupt. The same people that tagged you terrorist are the same people you approached to un-tag you and it makes no sense but a mockery of the entire process. Ejiofor must learn from the fact that trusting Nigerian judiciary is at the detriment of the people of Biafra and the agitation itself. Expecting anything reasonable from the court is waste of time and each time he is forced to approach the court is nothing but playing the government script.

One would offensively question me “whoever knew that the legal battle will release Nnamdi Kanu from prison” but to answer the question, take time and read my last year daily column that narrated how Nnamdi Kanu was released. What released Nnamdi Kanu is not legal prowess but every single one of the people of Biafra that came out on the street to force the government to release the leader of IPOB. Without that protest and many more around the world and the media protest from journalists that relentlessly wrote protest articles till the time of his release, Director Nnamdi Kanu will never be released. The legal battle for his release is just the end-product of a battle won on the street and on the print.

Finally; IPOB should call off the terrorist tag legal brouhaha and announce the continuation of her activities because IPOB itself is a ‘legitimate organization’. I was quite discouraged when I demanded aid for a media meeting in Abuja and I was whispered from behind that court case demands a lot of money and then I felt so the legal brouhaha has also affected the activities of media and IPOB because Nigeria was given the opportunity for her insanity to look like sanity.

 Nothing meaningful can come out from Nigerian court instead; it would systematically delay and give the people the impression that they are illegal hence the court will uphold every pronouncement made against Biafra. To achieve any objective; the people must do it on the street, physical and print, this goes to show a new dimension. Let all insanity driven pronouncements from Nigeria henceforth be neglected because challenging insanity makes one insane and in the end everybody that gave attention to it becomes mad people.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist  in TheBiafraPost , socio-economic and political analyst and critic that writes from Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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