January 16,2018
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I am not good at red meat and so it’s not my favorite; but I reasonably want to disagree with you on this call for the boycott of cow meat. I received a message on whatsapp that the boycott of cow meat will take effect on February. The boycott campaigners believe that Fulani herdsmen buy bullets and AK47 with the proceeds from cow sale. One of the campaigners told me that once cow meat is boycotted; Fulani will learn their lessons and stop killing innocent Christians. I paused and went through the message forwarded to me and I could see a giant warrior standing between the lines of that text. The giant had cowardice written boldly on its armor and he occupied everywhere that nothing can pass to the other side. I saw the campaigner of the boycott sitting in wait; drawing a diagram on the ground and nodding his head. He is actually thinking, trying to find a solution within his limit. Cowardice would not let him breakthrough and face reality but on that wait he shall continue to think out unrealistic approach to solving his problem.

If you want to stop terrorism in Nigeria; then kill any Fulani man you see or any Hausa Boko Haram man you see anywhere. Then strategically start the imprisonment of any Muslim fanatic you see; fanatics like Buhari and those of them scattered in your community that go to that mosque promising Allah that he would kill a thousand infidels (Christians) for his own virgins in heaven to be doubled to 144 virgins. Most of the determined killers/terrorists are obsessed with the prospect of making love and enjoying fresh sex all the days of their immortality in heaven. Before campaigning for Fulani cow meat to be boycotted; it is important you understand what is actually going on. Who is sponsoring herdsmen, how did they learn how to shoot, what are their objectives and mission? If we know these fundamental things; then we will be able to know which way to go and how to approach this Fulani herdsmen issue.

It is very important that I remind you that those being killed on daily basis are Christians; in other words, the killing is a religious terrorism. Most people have often narrowed it down to tribal issue but that is a wrong perception of the situation. They kill in Kaduna, they kill in Enugu, they kill in Rivers, in Benue, Delta etcetera. The target of these people is Christians; so the Christian populace in Nigeria driven by the people of Biafra is under threat of extermination.

Jihad is not sponsored with cow sale proceed; can we stop wasting time and face reality, Jihad is sponsored by Islamic fundamentalists from the nooks and crannies of this world. Boko Haram is in the front and in the main area while Fulani penetrate places Boko Haram cannot successfully operate and this brings the needed balance. Until we wake up and fight terrorism; Fulani herdsmen will continue to kill Christians and every single one of us. Cattle colonies will be forced on us and history will repeat itself; they will converge in our neighborhood and carry out major assaults, we will take on our heels and those that didn’t run will accept their demand to live and when you come back again, you will see the state of Turkey in your state. Whoever told you that terrorism by Fulani herdsmen can be tackled by boycotting cow meat is simply a coward that doesn’t know which way to go or a drowning man holding unto anything he sees.

Be still; observe the rhythm of your heart beat; if it beats faster, then pour some cold water and pray against the spirit of fear, do not take any decision and do not accept that worthless boycott. But if the rhythm of your heart is moderate; take a seat and think, go deeper into thought like Aristotle and come up with a strategy. You push the strategy on how to combat this armed terrorist and once you have a strategy, beautify it with that boycott. But cowards will say crumble their economy; once you get their economic source; you will get them cheaper, but the coward fails to reason, that Muhammadu Buhari is the sponsor of these terrorists and likewise Islamic fanatics all around the world. They budget billions of dollars for arms and they ship down the arms to their foot soldiers and how a coward believes terrorism will stop by boycotting cow meat and not fighting terrorism literally amazes me. I am starting to get pissed off but believe you me if you listen and boycott cow meat, you will feel that you have taken action against these terrorists but my brother, you have only wasted the space we have to reflect and think out better action. Who gave Fulani herdsmen license to possess fire arms and kill in hundreds? If there is no answer to this; you can as well possess fire arms and stand these people, but if you are a good citizen in a bad state like Nigeria, you can get vigilante groups, arm them and prepare them, we can assemble hunters, arm them to go after these terrorists.

The best form of defense is attack; so if the Christian populace in Nigeria really wants to defend their lives, then it’s time to attack and not the time to boycott red meat. It’s time to act and not time to change your beef rice to chicken rice and stay in the comfort of your home in the name of fighting terrorists with boycott. Even though you boycott; Mr John may not boycott and it makes no difference. Stand up and be counted in this war against terrorism; kill any Fulani man you see because they are all terrorists. Kill any Hausa Boko Haram man you see because they will kill you if you didn’t kill them.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior  in TheBiafraPost journalist and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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