The Biafra Post | January 15, 2018

Terrorist Fulani Islamic Expansionists
I did not shed tears or showed any remorse; I just regret not being in position to solve the problem of Fulani herdsmen, but in this position I found myself, I have used it sufficiently and beyond. The governor of the state even shed tears; what a typical black African leader. But in the western world; a governor would rise with renewed strength and determination, he will feel the challenge and accept it and he would say I will bring the perpetrators to justice.

But don’t get it twisted; why do we even shed tears? I know very much that I shed tears only when I see myself in a helpless situation - I cannot do anything to change. Mostly; when I lose a close friend, parent or brother, I do shed tears because I cannot do anything to bring them back. But even at that; I sometimes pick up my pen and write; talk to death in strong terms and tell him =

“Mr Death; you are a loser and what more can you do?” I will go further and tell Death.

“Shame to you; have you not taken my loved one to another realm you will have no power over him”

I will tell death that after all, he has taken away the human pain and suffering and in real sense death is the loser and if death gets angry and whisper to me that he will soon come after me.

"I will boldly tell death; what more can he do, come for me and take me to my loved one he took, after all, I will meet my loved ones there and continue over there with them that is what I do at times instead of condemn myself to endless tears"

As scores were buried; people were wailing and stumbling on a heap of sand, and while they do that, it denied them the space to reflect and think on how such thing will not repeat itself. They shed tears and cried like a widow that would miss the warmth of her husband. But real men will pause and say this will be the last; this will be the last these Islamic agents of darkness will take away a soul in our land.

Then they will leave the burial ground and straight to their business places, take hundreds of thousands and go to where they can buy AK47, they will secretly take that AK47 back to their various homes and hid it under the bed because those Fulani herdsmen will come again, but when they come, they will meet people determined to live and when they lose few of their own, they will not come again and attack that community. They will say =

“Oh; they have embraced reality and shown their lives are important to them”

But as you sat there shedding tears; they smiled that they have successfully executed their religious plan and headed for another place and will definitely come back when you are done with tears. They will strike again and you will shed tears and they will make merry because you have become a prey that is taken when it pleases them.

What will your tears do to the situation? Are you aware that they have gone to Taraba few days after dealing with you and Taraba Christians will shed tears and bury their own also? Taraba state governor will come and issue press release condemning the Islamic gift of death but Buhari will pat on the shoulders of his misguided brothers and say =

“Stop killing them that much”

A conference will be held and they would urge or warn Buhari or give ultimatum that he should stop the killing; the man will not even read the press release, a man that doesn’t know his age but has to be told he is 85 years. Adesina will report to him that one Okeke Udom issued press release thanking him for saying the people should not be killed much.

The next day; the presidency will announce establishment of cattle or grazing rights in every state and Buhari will murmur again.

“I thought you people shed tears yesterday over hundreds they killed; accept, give them land for grazing so they won’t kill you again. Respect a cow because their lives depend on a cow, if you rustle a cow, you have rustled one of their lives. If you kill a cow, you have killed a Fulani man and they will kill you in folds”

Then you all will disagree; saying.

“A grazing land will give these murderers a settlement where they can arrange or reinforce and attack us. Chase us away from our home and occupy our land and only those that accepted their rules will stay. They will give us their number one rule as, you must worship Allah and respect a cow and that is the end for us”

But why can’t you stop the tears that will solve nothing and embrace reality? Why not just be man enough and defend your lives than being a cry cry baby. Why not wake up to the simple fact that if you don’t fight back, they will come again and again and kill as much as they can. A tear drop for Benue Fulani victims is insult to the departed souls, what they want is justice and a pay back with equal measure.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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