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Speaking with Etimo Okey; a Biafran of Igbo tribe in Diaspora who is sympathetic to Biafra agitation but not a member of IPOB; he boldly told me that nothing can restore Biafra except war. He went further to noting that even though UN calls for a referendum, that Nigeria will never let go without a fight. He never doubted Biafra restoration but indicated that any serious move must have military strategy to accompany it. He finally suggested a strategic means Biafra could be restored but to avoid undermining the strategy, I will withhold it.

I have taken it upon myself to knowing how most nations came into existence and the outcome buttressed the fact that Biafra cannot come peacefully. A survey shows that countries that were fought for (did not come peaceful) progress more that the ones that came peacefully. Further research indicated that great countries or nations of the world did not come peacefully.

Biafra is projected as a nation that would liberate Africa and go beyond; even in some quarters; it is believed that Biafra will fight White supremacy. It is ostensibly delusional to begin to think that a nation with such potential shall be given like a December gift. Great nation like Biafra will suffer violence to come into existence and if we are not ready for this fact; we must go back and use our time for something precious.
History significantly points against peaceful restoration of Biafra; it is pertinent to note that no indigenous people that were once the ‘breadwinner’ of a country gained freedom without a fight. Biafra as a nation or Indigenous People is responsible for the economic existence of Nigeria and one thinks Nigeria will just let go.

The earlier we tell ourselves the truth is the easier the journey for us; I sat down in my comfort and listened to the reverberating voice of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB in 2015 and 2016 on how Biafra will be restored and I nodded that this is a man that knows the business and how it can work in Nigeria. For a day; I have never taken my thought off his position, and no matter how things are painted today, in the end, only his 2015 to 2016 strategy will restore Biafra.

UN and EU; I will continue to make it clear that UN and EU will not fight the battle of the people of Biafra for them. Going further; you can make argument from today till tomorrow that Biafra agitation is no longer internal matter, you are clearly deceiving yourself. Biafra agitation remains internal matter UN and EU will not wade into just because Biafra demanded a referendum. UN and EU may continue to condemn human right violations but will not dictate to Nigeria how to run the country’s affairs. The people of Biafra must show the courage to dare and then talks will come, people will sit on a round table and discuss way forward.

It is when you show strength and Nigeria responds that EU and UN will come in to ask what the problem is and a solution will be met. It is clear that solution to genuine indigenous agitation is referendum; but for the fact that IPOB chose referendum next year, if it wins, then a case can be presented with it. Conduct of referendum without military strategy is completely suicidal in Nigeria; reference can be sited in Catalonia and Kurdistan. If the people of Biafra can wage for weeks or months; defend her territory a little while, then it would be proven that she has reached statehood maturity.

The idea of believing in the peaceful restoration of Biafra or UN sanction of referendum is clear hallucination. A referendum has been projected by middle of 2018 and once after the referendum; Indigenous People of Biafra can take the result to UN and other relevant bodies for recognition and that remains the only viable means of peaceful restoration. In as much as there is no guarantee that the result will be approved but when we get to the bridge, we cross it by any means.
Having sufficiently embarked on civil disobedience that was successful, protest and all forms of direct actions, it is presumed that IPOB have met all the required credentials to be offered self-determination poll, alternatively, hence referendum is to ascertain the mind of the people, IPOB can do that and meet on or stand on the mind of the people.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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