December 24,2017 authored by Anyi Kings As the Biafra restoration project being piloted by IPOB worldwide under the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is expected to come to realization through a well organized referendum under the supervision of united nations by 2018 . IPOB UAE under the national coordinator Prince Iyke Ikechukwu Patrick during our end of year meeting being held on 22/12/2017 resolved as follows .

1 That it is time to call on all Biafran celebrities and stars of different talents in all the field such as football stars, Musicians, Actors , Actresses, Comedians, e.t.c to totally boycott Nigeria in every of their official or unofficial activities in a representative capacity to Nigeria as a token of sacrifice in solidarity to their mother land Biafra towards the up coming referendum just as Gerard Pique and former FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich Coach, Pep Guardiola openly expressed their view in favor of independence of Catalonia republic from Spain.

2 That IPOB families worldwide most especially those in Biafra land under the leadership of MNK should convey this message to their various homes, and Families, 3 That the leadership of IPOB world wide shall take records of any Biafran celebrities in Nigeria that refuse to adhere to this important order. 4 That every IPOB family members under the leadership of MNK that is related to any of these celebrities should take this very important Biafran celebrities boycott campaign alongside other family members to the homes of these celebrities to properly deliver this message to those affected.

5 On a closing remarks, the national coordinator of UAE Prince Iyke Ikechukwu used the opportunity to extend his warm regard to all the membership of IPOB worldwide , well wishers and lovers of freedom who in one way or the other contributed in the unimaginable achievement being recorded on Biafra restoration project in this Year 2017 according to him this year has been exceptional year to IPOB world-wide due to our series of successful stages that we passed through in this Struggle in respective of serious challenges faced and continue to face in this primitive British contraption so called country Nigeria   . He also showered his appreciation to our critic who according to him are behind our hard work to this divine project . Last but not the least he thanked every member of IPOB UAE for their resoluteness and total commitment towards the struggle, and urge the members not to relent but to remain resolute and steadfast until Biafra is restored. He made it clear that Biafra restoration is a divine mandate from heaven that no Man can stop . He also revealed to the members that IPOB high command are working tirelessly round the clock to see that a successful referendum shall be conducted in the coming year and Biafra shall be finally restored, not minding whatever obstacle that we shall encounter on the way
 All hail BIAFRA ! 

Reported By Amos Ifeanyi Chukwu Ezeh  FOR IPOB UAE MEDIA TEAM .

Published/Edited by Anyi Kings 
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