Listed below are areas where APC have targeted their rigging machinery. BIAFRANS WATCH OUT FOR UNUSUAL ACTIVITIES IN THESE AREAS. The votes in these areas have already been written, the stuffing of the ballot boxes will take place tomorrow morning 9am prompt. Those imported by Rochas Okorocha will be taken to these specific areas for massive thumb printing of ballot papers. These are the areas most of the APC soldiers and killer squads will gather. Those in these areas should not even dream of stepping out to vote or else they are dead. 
1. Anaocha: Neni, Aguluzigbo, Adazi-Ani, Adazi-Nnukwu, lchida, Nri

2. Ayamelum: Omasi, Omor ward 3,Umumbo
3. Anambra East:Aguleri, Nsugbe

4. Anambra West: Nzam  

5. Awka North:Amansea, Mgbakwu

6. Awka South: Ward lchele, Amawbia 

7. DUNUKOFIA: Ukpo, Ukwulu, Umunachi 

8. Ekwusigo: lchi and lhembosi

9. ldemiliNorth: Obosi mainland, Eziowerri, Oraukwu 

10. ldemili South: Alor, Nnobi, Oba

11. lhiala: Uli, Okija, Mbosi

12. Njikoka:Enugu-ukwu Nnewi North, Nnewi South Osumenyi

13. Ogbaru: Akilioziza, Ogwuikpele

14. Onitsha North, Inland town, Marine

15. Onitsha south: Fegge (housing)

16. Orumba North: Nanka

17. Orumba south: Ndiowu, Akpu



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