The Biafra Post | November 18, 2017

In Anambra state; the election ban by IPOB is effectively being carried out as cities and communities in the state look deserted. Total boycott of election may be creeping in as a result of IPOB sit-at-home order and the handling of the exercise by the government of Nigeria.

A street seen deserted as a result of the Sit At Home order by IPOB
Three days to the election; the state noticed influx of armed security operatives which threw the state into confusion as citizens began to question the motive of the deployed armed men of the force. As at yesterday; citizens were seen rushing to the market to buy what will carry them throughout the weekend as indoors remain their response.

Analysts had faulted the influx of armed men and opined that would really cause panic and force few voters for election to retreat. They further said that Nigerian security personnel have poor record of human right and as such, citizens would not come out to vote.

In the eve of the election; bomb explosions were heard in various local governments of the state and the perpetrators of the act have not been ascertained and nobody has claimed responsibility. In the early morning of the election; another bomb was reportedly exploded in the state,

The explosions further caused panic and citizens have chosen to stay in door than risk their lives over something they claimed they would not gain anything from.
IPOB had ordered all Biafrans to stay indoors and off election centers; going further, they said the election will not be disrupted but boycotted and that is the situation right now.

By Ifeanyi Chijike - Reporting for TBP

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