November 2,2017

Many people will swiftly attack me for this position but that is how much truth hurts; when a core truth let out, it pierces or cuts deep than a two edged sword. I am not in haste to buttressing my position because it cost a great deal of time and focus arriving at this conclusion. For someone like me; I spend much time trying to literary solve a problem on daily basis. It took me quite months studying Fulani herdsmen activities; why they are on a record rampage, why Nigerian forces back them and why Nigerian leadership is helpless. I took time once more to knowing why instead of tag them terrorists; Nigerian leadership rather tagged unarmed and peaceful IPOB terrorist.

I have always maintained that the problem of Nigerian is its diversity; the diversity of Nigeria became its bane when we could not manage it. Every study keeps pointing that direction and there is nothing to prove otherwise because oil and water cannot mix. Europe was able to kill tribe (tribal difference) and that contributed to growth and development; there is no way strange people can co-exist without battling their differences. I don’t see how a Hausa man that forbids an Igbo man’s religion; culture and entire way of existence can suddenly find love with and live happily after. Tribe must be delisted to have any hope of development but because we love our origin; we embraced our difference and love our own people.

Boko haram suffered terrorists label simply because it came in a wrong time and not necessarily because it is a terror group. Though Fulani terrorists have different modus operandi with Boko haram; while they attack with machetes and guns, Boko haram attack with bomb and guns, that is the difference but they have same end product- killing and terrorizing innocent people of the world.

Fulani herdsmen were rated the 4th most dangerous terror organization in the world and recently migrated to 3rd as reward for their record rampage under Buhari. The troublesome aspect of that for us is that the home of Fulani terror group is Nigeria. They have gained all their rating as a result of activities in Nigeria and one wonders how many a terror group could kill to be rated 3rd and surprisingly; all they have killed are Nigerians and yet they could not be labeled terrorist in that very Nigeria. This rating came within the three years Buhari has been in power.

When Olusegun Obasanjo came into power in 1999; an organization called OPC was formed and that organization thrived. Causing mayhem here and there, killing and extorting other tribes; the major function of OPC was to protect Yoruba interest and Obasanjo feigned ignorance. OPC agitation continued unabated and they were feared and respected. Because Obasanjo was in power; Yoruba tribe needed to flaunt power, the tribe must have their excesses and such one was OPC. Little by little; OPC became Yoruba foot soldier and Obasanjo watched on and cherished the power drunk Yoruba Gani Adams.

The reign of OPC suddenly came to an end when Obasanjo left the seat of power; their power-drunken activities came to its lowest point. Yaradua took over from Obasanjo and OPC knew that a Hausa/Fulani will not feign ignorance or watch it constitute nuisance in the name of Yoruba foot soldier. OPC began to fade away but death struck and the North did not enjoy or got power-drunken. Nobody knew what could have been of the North had their late son continued. As an educated son; foot soldiers of the North could have been as dangerous as OPC.

Then Jonathan’s reign came; Niger Delta militants and MASSOB gained momentum; though Jonathan inherited militancy from his boss but a breath of pride suddenly met the militants. They became foot soldiers of Jonathan and painted the city red. They call the shot and decide what happens; how much they are paid and contracts they want. Jonathan continued to beg them while Tompolo bought war ships here and there. Ateke Tom importing arms like the Nigerian chief of army staff and youths filled the streets of Abuja with red handkerchief tired about their head; they are militants and there was pride in being a militant.

MASSOB had identified their brother and blood; roaming about the streets in the name of agitation and support for Jonathan grew. Kidnapping for ransom became a thorn MASSOB and militants put into the flesh of the people of Nigeria. Uwazurike never had rest; he travels to Abuja to and fro for one meeting or another on how Jonathan’s second and third tenure would be. It was a thing of pride deceiving people and doing political business with freedom fighting. Militants and MASSOB identified as brothers and assisted Jonathan’s election and every other thing was history when Jonathan gave up power.

Muhammadu Buhari came onboard and long starved Hausa/Fulani came alive and fed; they have not flaunted their own power since 1999 and no wonder they used Boko haram to bastardize Jonathan and swore that only Buhari’s victory will make Nigeria governable. It’s the time of the North and Fulani herdsmen began their rampage. Their cows became their priority; they go to rice farms in Platue, Nasarawa and Christian populated areas and feed their cows with the rice of farmers and when you question them, they will rape or behead you. “Our cows deserve to fed indomie; na only una sabi eat indomie?” a farmer from Nasarawa once told me was the reply they got from Fulani herdsmen.

Hausa/Fulani became power drunk like OPC, militants and MASSOB because their own is in power and there is nothing that can be done about that. Like Obasanjo feigned ignorance over OPC and Jonathan over militants and MASSOB, Buhari has feigned ignorance over Boko haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists. It is the time of Fulani and Boko haram to reign and we must wait for Northern or Muhammadu Buhari’s time to pass. The people can be rest assured that once the North concludes their reign; Fulani will fade away and another tribe will reign.

We are all unfortunate that Hausa/Fulani lack education and embraced cows and religion to a fault; their reign is a reign of blood unlike OPC that reigned with, social intimidation, nuisance and Agbolo activities. Their reign is a reign against humanity unlike Militants and MASSOB that reigned for money and substance. Sadly; what keeps Fulani or Boko haram happy or makes him superior to one is when he kills and he has been killing since Buhari came into power. The foot soldiers of the North are unlike the foot soldiers of the South or West and that is what we must admit and learn to endure.

Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram terrorists will continue to reign until the Northern regime is over because that is the bane of Nigeria. Three nations co-existing without agreement is bound to exist with bloodshed. Fulani herdsmen feel justified because they watched others reign when they were not in power and now want to flaunt their own power. It is our own headache that the reign of Fulani herdsmen is bloody. If their reign is bloody; OPC should get ready to be bloody when their time comes again and militants and MASSOB should also prepare for a bloody show off.

For those of you screaming; I will advise you people to calm down and defend your lives against Boko haram and Fulani because only time can bring an end to their onslaught. Buhari will not turn against his people because Obasanjo did not turn against his people and neither did Jonathan turn against his people. This is nothing but that truth nobody would love to tell you.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist at the TheBiafraPost and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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