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November 5,2017

The recent bomb blast in Enugu is taking a new turn as five witnesses came forward with fresh allegations against the Nigeria Police,according to these eye witness,the Police men
were stationed there all day and only to walk away Few Moments before  the explosion. 

Such dramatic miraculous divine Intervention for such group of  Nigeria Police men Is suspicious,As it is a known fact that  the government will Attempt To Accuse Ipob of this  act in other to justify their illegal  terrorist tag against IPOB , 

The world are hereby put on notice  to disregard  Such cheap fake Propaganda, that mighty arise from  Nigeria government. As the Nigeria government  Is deeply robbing and raping us economically, and  Politically, This Is The Main Reason  why peaceful Ipob freedom agitators are being molested and killed by the Nigeria Jihadst army,and still they turn around to illegally tag IPOB a terrorist org, just to justify their atrocities  in the eyes of international community whereby Nigeria army Are The Same killers now Farcically convincing the world that Ipob are terrorist,this Is the Preamble of what Is happening In Biafra Soil.

 But with The negligible And Infinitesimal Turn up,unresponsive Attitude of the People, in the just concluded Enugu State local council chairmanship election  its a clue taste that Power is returning to the People,now remember by the virtue of being Indigence,we have stated It that the only compensation enough is  Biafra restoration  

Our Message have been well received by our People cos our Pains are Being sealed by the bound now a success by boycotting any election in Biafra Land,our People must avoid any Poll cos they have no value For Biafra Lives 
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