November 22,2017
Dear Sir;

I want to beat my chest now and say that somebody is left in Biafra land; there is something unique with Aba, Aba always set the pace and they set pace where nobody ever thought would be possible. Illustratively; Aba was the first to record female riot, our gallant mothers stood on their feet and questioned nonsense. In all fairness; Abia state has given the people of Biafra many great men; Aguinyi of blessed memory is one. Today; you are bringing a new dawn of cohesion; true representative of the people. Last month; I wrote a letter to you after you initially prayed the court to withdraw you as Kanu’s surety; I went home and questioned the rationale behind such move. The anger and emotion reflected on the last letter I put across. I had wondered why despite there was a video evidence of military invasion and killing of over twenty eight (28) children of yours and all you could do was to pray for withdrawal, but you have made me proud once more. Permit me to say thank you for accepting my letter and responding duly. Meanwhile; if others could follow your path; why must we boycott elections? If they could go there you are or stay up there in their various state’ and fight for what is right alongside their people- there won’t be any reason to dream of election boycott. With your actions; I am beginning to nurse voting you come 2019 to remain there for your people and I believe a large number of the public I represent their opinion shares this sentiment. I was told that you fearlessly told them to produce Kanu; of course they illegally invaded his home and picked him and tagged him a terrorists. Was he a terrorist when you stood for him as a surety and even though- over there in the North, didn’t people stand for certified terrorists and heaven did not fall. Didn’t Boko haram appointed Buhari as their chief negotiator, did anybody talk? Does it now mean Hausa/Fulani are the small untouchable and fearless gods in Nigeria?

Anyway; I want to appreciate your courage for standing with truth and justice, for embracing reason and showing that someone is left. Hausa man will no longer abuse me that our political leaders don’t have anything to do with us or offer us. Fulani will no longer say; those Igbo senators that know only how to pocket money. Yoruba will no longer say; your politicians don’t care about you people. Now they would say, is it not only that Abaribe that stood with you people on justice and truth. I am glad that in the end; self realization is setting in. One will make this move and others will follow and I want you to know that you are about to usher a new leaf among the political class. You are about to bring an era or rather define and era and history will always remember you. I will always remember you in my entire journal endeavor and will continue to sing your song of self realization.

Finally; I want you to scold your people when they go wrong, always be there to redirect them and keep them on a right part. Let me also remind you that power belongs to the people; the people give and take power and not Abuja. The people of Biafra have been sensitized that someday; only the man that fights for them will have their mandate to represent them anywhere. You might be a senator in Nigeria but for standing with truth and justice; we will keep you there for the sake of our people. Hence ballot box gives power; don’t be afraid of Abuja because we the people will fortify you when the time comes. Keep keeping on and we shall keep monitoring; you have no right to produce Nnamdi Kanu the army took and hence he is part of your legal obligation, demand and fight that Buratai produces him for you to bring him back to the court. If they know how they took him, they should bring him back. Be courageous and fearless; you will get the reward of not betraying your people the way Nnia Nwodo and governors did.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist  in TheBiafraPost  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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