Written by Mr Azubuike Francis
November 22,2017 

Everything  that is happening now has already been  declared by RADIO BIAFRA and we shouldn't have been surprise  because the warning has been issued and sensitization made beforehand. Quote Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; Nigeria will kill us and they must lie against us... ." Here it is and never a surprise.

Acknowledging the effect of this recent Military deployment and their barbaric act all over Biafraland  and propaganda against Biafrans must never be under-estimated. It tends towards sowing more pronounced division between Biafra and Nigeria. Further propoganda and allegations facilitate the speedy process of Biafra restoration; yet continue killings of Biafrans in the Nigeria Military manner would never be tolerated. Henceforth Biafra condemns in strongest terms all sorts of Intimidation,killings and allegations by Nigeria Military. Look-up and behold the ticking time; Biafra MUST be restored now or never!

Those who fan the traits of war experiences to deter Biafrans must be very careful. Biafrans are never cowards, neither shall we be intimidated. If anyone thinks as an elderly Nigeria statesman or leader and can boast of war experience, then it is no news. Mind you, there are those ever ready to explore a modern war experience and emerge heroes.

Nobody should play with the approach of Biafrans over this struggle irrespective of the fact that we are towing the path of civilization. Nigeria military must be cautioned mostly Terrorist Buhari for the bullet respects nobody neither does it chose the hand it makes its hero. Everybody is a potential military personnel, it is all a matter of choice. No military should under-estimate the roadside mechanic, the fisherman, carpenter, even the palm wine tapper etc.

The worst of war and bullet is no respect for anyone! Buhari and his Nigeria Military, do not forget the dare consequences of modern day conflicts. Biafra sovereignty is non-negotiable neither is it a course for arms confrontation. Biafra is a civil right of the people and must be respected within the international civil rights laws; that is civilization!

To Biafrans all over the world, the Hausa-Fulanis are infuriated now over the Military propaganda. The seed of hatred and revenge has been kindled in their hearts. Be very cautious and at alert, yet be focused for Biafra MUST be restored now or never.

As it stands now we punting the Whole World on alert that Biafrans will no longer tolerate all these intimidation and killings from Nigeria Military because it has gotten to the extent that Biafra must defend their LAND since Nigeria Government under Terrorist Buhari has already pushed us to the wall to the extent that we will not take this intimidation again.

The truth shall prevail... .NO GOING BACK.

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