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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader
Between July and August 2017, Anambra state government was still nursing the election boycott position of Indigenous People of Biafra. The state governor had assembled his Special Advisers to mediate with IPOB and make sure that no-election declaration was rescinded. After numerous efforts to achieve the purpose of de assemble which became futile, the Governor looked the other way because he could not deliver to Abuja that his state is not under electoral threat as a result of civil disobedience.

Abuja strongly believed that there is an uprising in the East and Anambra state specifically but the state government considered the implication of all-out war amidst election after Abuja threatened to unleash the military in the region. As at the time of this event; Python Dance II has not been announced or thought by the public. This report could not ascertain if Operation Python Dance was the long deliberated military approach to the purported uprising claimed by Abuja.

As at that time; the state government opposed military approach and this was sufficiently discussed with Southeast governors’ forum who unanimously agreed pending the outcome of the effort to plead or negotiate with IPOB into rescinding or lifting election ban. Threats had discreetly gone viral; with the state government saying that IPOB will not be able to stand the dance of the beat they are playing.

I recalled that I vividly wrote a secret letter to the state government through a state contact urging them to influence the governor to hold peaceful ground that election boycott will be rescinded but in the end I was only buying time. But when nothing could be delivered; the state government driven by Southeast governors’ forum and Abuja reached a consensus to tackle the issue of election ban with their option B. Option B includes military approach and use of force.

All deliberations were terminated and contacts deleted; the first approach was to start molestation of the IPOB members with IPOB muffler and insignias seized and burnt publicly, reports suggested that the action was being carried out by Abuja. The frustration of the government and Southeast governors began to set in and actions against the people blossomed. Knowing that action against the people would worsen the situation; the southeast governors’ forum extended hands of deliberation to the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra himself.

According to the report; the major purpose of the meeting with Southeast Governors was to plead for a compromise and Nnamdi Kanu to allow election to hold. On the path of Nnamdi Kanu; election boycott has gone beyond rescinding as it would jeopardize his integrity. The deliberation will never scale through due to time and the awareness campaign that had trailed the announcement.

“Nnamdi Kanu understood what was at stake but it was a risk he is willing to take; he cannot lift the election ban but he believed they would reach a compromise and that compromise will enable IPOB control their elected leaders. Possibly; if no election is observed and the people on the order of IPOB boycotted the election, it would cast fear upon the governors and they would be forced to listen to IPOB and IPOB will in the future take advantage of them to pursue the agenda of Biafra restoration. Just imagine a situation IPOB tells a governor to demand regional autonomy and he does it; don’t you see IPOB has automatically taken charge with that?” a source who organized and monitored Kanu’s meeting with the governors said.

Angered by the refusal to lift the ban on the upcoming election, Southeast Governors moved with their option B and Operation Python DanceII was launched. Reports also said that Operation Python Dance II was a pressure and the operation will only be terminated on newspaper.

Prior to this move; through party leaders in their various wards, the state government had ordered party faithfuls to get names of IPOB members; the list was divided into two, the non-violent members and the violent members. According to the Party faithful who is sympathetic to IPOB, he noted that the names will be submitted in Awka and state security will finish other things.

“We were told to submit the names of IPOB members; those we think can disrupt the election in all the wards in Anambra state. Anambra state federal security wanted to have a data base of IPOB members and so that before the election, the perceived violent ones will be arrested and non-violent ones will be left pending and checked” the source disclosed.

But according to those that saw the list; they were able to identify that those listed as violent IPOB members are the ones perceived to be in IPOB security department. In as much as IPOB has never been violent; there was no justification to the violence label. The government has through the help of party members established IPOB members database and this is expected to be used and hunt down the people of Biafra for sharing different political view.

Four months later; reports of raids were coming up, with Nigeria security personnel storming homes of IPOB members and arresting them. The whereabouts of those arrested remain unknown and the people are not ruling out extra-judicial murder.
IPOB members have been slated for extra-judicial murder in Anambra state simply because of their political belief and civil disobedience. Humanity must wake up to this atrocity championed by carnivorous Muhammadu Buhari. The President recently ordered a renewed clampdown on the people of Biafra and to that effect; forceful disappearance and extra-judicial murder tops the chart.

[Report by Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP]

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