The Biafra Post | November 18, 2017

A deserted polling booth
When the state was deserted in the morning; many believed that voters have not woken up from bed but to IPOB, election boycott is under implementation. Unlike every other election; nobody was seen trekking to polling booths anywhere.
Politicians and their allies shouted that the people will vote but that they have not woken up; they have to bath and come out and cast their vote. Yet; The Biafra Post waited for the people to bath and come out and cast their votes and still waiting till now.

12 O’clock, The Biafra Post is still waiting for voters in Anambra state to come and vote, we are not getting tired as we shall see it off. We are staying and we are monitoring and we shall continue to update happenings without favouritism.

The status since morning is still the same; Anambra state is dried up with the people consigned to their various homes. INEC officials are cooling off; no sweat or disturbances, the people gave them a free pay. The officials of INEC need not worry themselves because they would be paid for sitting in polling booths throughout the day.

In the homes of the strong contenders of the election; 5% percent of entire people strongly participated in the election. The people were feared bought or smuggled from different places.

12 O’clock; election boycott is still in total compliance as hope continues to diminish for the political class. They have made a new call for voters to come out; but the sheep may have heard the voice of the shepherd (IPOB).

And as one contributor have observed:

"There are 37 political parties contesting in Anambra Governorship polls today, so with the allocation of two party agents per polling station, it is expected that minimum 74 party agents will be present at each polling station. So if you check all the pictures, you will know that Biafrans are not voting. Those you see in your pictures are party agents not voters".

Ifeanyi Chijioke

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