2nd  Octomber 2017


A popular igbo adage rightly said that if the gods are out to kill a man, they will first disgrace such man with madness. This madness may not come in form of wearing tattered clothes and speaking incoherent words rather it may come in the form whereby a physically normal human being will be reasoning and making statements that dictates their is something wrong upstairs.
Coming close to the characters of this discuss, we have rev fr Ejike mbaka of Adoration ministry Enugu and Orji Uzor kalu, the former governor of abia state.

Recently the spiritual leader of adoration ministry Enugu boasted that something terrible and shaky is going to happen on 1st October 2017. He claimed that for him to prove that he is a prophet of God that there will be darkness over Nigeria for five solid hours, starting from 22noon to 5pm and that this will be follows by heavy thunders and rain. He even went ahead to add that if such did not take place, let the world know he is not a prophet of God and that he will resign as a priest. Let me quickly remind us that during the election for the second tenure of governor chimaruoke mbadinuju, Mr (rev) mbaka made similar claim whereby he claimed that mbadinuju will not smell that seat for that second tenure and if it happened that he will resign and remove his priestly gown. Mbadinuju later won t
he second bid and till date mbaka is still a priest.

Now he have come out to dance naked at the market square, though he have not make any comment concerning his resignation date for the failed prophecy, it is pertinent that I take us a bit back to what is playing out today, the history of the continuous self annihilation of an ordained priest of God. The genesis lies in his love for politics and attempts to combine the work of God and that of bloody politicians, his taste to mingle with men of high authority and he destroyed his career the very day he took the "destroy_the_biafra_project_ job". He was so naive that he started a fight men greater than he is couldn't try. Ejike mbaka thought that biafra struggle is a child's play but he dug his grave the very day he accepted that horrible job of stopping biafra.

Let us quickly pay a cursory visit to the case of the abuja prisoner of war by the name orji uzor kalu. Orji Uzor Kalu who tried all his best to bring Nnamdi Kanu  omise while he was still in kuje have not stopped truing because their is still an albatross tied around his neck which he can only break free from by bringing down the Biafran struggle. Orji uzor kalu attempted bribing Nnamdi KANU and when he found out he failed, he rushed to London to sponsor the prodigal sons from Ipob to fight Nnamdi kanu and inadvertently the biafra restoration cause and he have continued to do his best to sink the struggle.

Recently, the game changed and because he was sure it is now difficult to assainate Nnamdi kanu and that means doom to his life, he out of frustration is trying all possible means to get Nnamdi KANU and hand him over to those that is holding him (sounds foolish). Yes orji kalu knew very well that if Nnamdi Kanu  is not delivered to the north by him, he might not leave to speak for himself.

Orji uzor kalu is afraid of going to jail that is why he is running bananas because his mission seemed to have failed. The gods had made him start speaking like a mad man. When he insisted Nnamdi KANU is in London and that he travelled through Malaysia, that alone showed how mad and demented our very brother is fast becoming, how can Nnamdi whose passports both Nigerian and British are held by the Nigerian DSS? How could orji uzor kalu be the man to know where and how Nnamdi Kanu  travelled out of Nigeria, it then means that he really have a strong link to where nnamdi Kanu  is and at such must be made to provide or lead us to get to him. Am sure our legal team are already working on adding kalu to stand alongside burutai in the box as they tell the world how they planned and kidnapped Kanu ..

In the case of both men( Orji Uzor Kalu and Mbaka). You see visible  frustration and an unknown spirit pushing men into doom. You see a clear confirmation of the quote of the gods and choice of whom to make mad. Where mbaka was frustrated that nobody believes his prophecy this days, he decided to gang himself once and for all. Orji kalu was on the other side bluffing out of immediate need to keep his Hausa masters believe he still have reason to be alive unknown to him that such will show the emirates that the young man have lived out his usefulness.

The Biafran struggle you are attacking is stronger than both of you. Our people do say that it is foolishness for the tortoise to dare the river that the elephant was drowned in. We of course don't have any good advice for these slaves of the Fulani oligarchy, we told them in time to retrace their steps or stand being disgraced by the Biafran relentless spirit but they refuse. The only usefulness of their case is just for education sake. To make others trying to ply same field to deviate or give s try, generations to come will be told the some stories with these lines. The anchor quote "the river that swallowed the elephant, same river the tortoise is planning to swim" and " he who the gods wants to kill they will first make mad" both proverbs will surely someday in our schools be explained with these lines.
God bless all men and women of goodwill all over the world.

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