October 02, 2017 

Biafra to some is an emerging Nation but to many of us Biafra is more than a Nation but also our religion. Unfortunately, one obstacle to the acceptance of our call to boycott elections in the whole of Biafra land has been some of the clergy men who refused to seek the will of the MOST HIGH GOD on our quest for freedom. Here on Hard Truth we are spotting on the hypocrisy of the Church over the call for election boycott and the Biafra restoration in general.

I am Godwin Chinedu and with me Mazi Odirachinma Ezeobi and Iyom Chinenye Chukwu both of Biafra Reporters; please let's hear your opinions on this subject matter being mentioned above.

 Good day eminent Biafrans and lovers of freedom, greetings to you all from myself Comrade Odirachinma Ezeobi. The topic today is based on our collective opinions on the platform of hard truth this week, which is a very sensitive and important discourse; we are analyzing about the approach or should we say the body language employed by the Church towards the Biafra restoration struggle and the continuous massacre of non-violent and peaceful Biafrans by the Nigerian armed forces.
 Odiranchinma and Chinenye [Respondents]: Before Biafra Reporters will go ahead with this topic, we beg to make some exception about who and who is involved in this hypocritical position of the Church; Biafra Reporters must not fail to commend some priests and Church leaders in Nigeria who had came out boldly to condemn the attacks on Biafra freedom fighters people like the Anglican Bishop of Amichi Diocese in Anambra State Rt. Rev Ikeakor - the Bishop of Calabar Diocese, Rev. Emmanuel Obimma and few others. Biafra Reporters must not fail to commend them for the bold step they took into condemning evil point blank without minding whose ox is gored and their charge to the federal government to allow Biafrans gain their freedom. The Church apart from this few fearless men have remained nothing else but a willing tool in the hands of Nigerian politicians because of the million lobbies probably they gain from the government. A clear example is the the spiritual leader of Adoration Ministry Enugu. We all still remember clearly his roles in the Presidential election that saw tyrant Mohammadu Buhari in power; Biafra Reporters are not in doubt about the fact that Rev. Ejike Mbaka supported Mohammadu Buhari even to the extent of giving false prophecy that Mohammadu Buhari is the Messiah that will deliver Nigeria from collapsing. Even till date same Rev. Ejike Mbaka remained an unrepentant liar and have even went ahead to talk unprintable things against Nnamdi kanu who has proven beyond all reasonable doubts to be the real prophet with his prophecy about the impediments that will befall Nigeria coming to fulfilment.

The Anglican Bishop of Niger Diocese Rt. Rev Owen Nwokolo was quoted to have said that Biafran agitators are only serious in drinking bars, the unconfirmed statement was proven right with the recent speech given by one of the priests in all saints Cathedral Onitsha during the 2017 convention for the Diocese on the Niger Boys Brigade Convention (DON BB), where the priest charged those that have voters card to go out and exercise their franchise without fear. As Biafra reporters was present at the convention and of course ready to put questions through to the vicar on his announcement on election. Because the Church is compromised and hypocritical, they didn't attend to the question Biafra Reporters tendered when it was time to drop questions and receive answers, other questions were answered but when it was time for them to read Biafra Reporters question out and answer them, they devised a means and dodge the question.

Why is most Churches not preaching about the legality and need for a referendum? , Why is the Church pretending that all is well in Nigeria and advising the congregation to sit down and do nothing different to change the situation; In such a time like this, the Church of God is busy preaching hate against one Christian's domination over the other, they are much engrossed in internal conflict and occasions to please the government that derives pleasure in the blood of innocent citizens being killed on daily basis without subjecting them to further questioning.
Why can't most of our Churches preach the truth to the congregation? What else is hypocrisy if not the fact that the Church is busy preaching politics of hate and prosperity messages while the priests turn blind eyes to the present events that is threatening even the existence of the Christendom; What are the so called fearless and holy ghost possessed men and women of God in Nigeria doing while innocent civilians are massacred for calling for referendum and freedom?.

Is this Christian religion the same Yahuah-Yahshua, Peter, Paul, James, Matthew, Jesus Christ, all died to protect? I am crystal sure that the judgement of God [Yahuah] will begin from the Church and all the men and women of God (real or fake) that are keeping mute on the plights of the Biafran people will have questions to answer here on earth and the world beyond.

To err is human but to forgive is divine, but to err consistently and maliciously against someone is not human but devilish, and should be resisted. For the past years since the existence of Nigeria, Biafrans had been voting and clamouring for the peace of this country but it has been jeopardize and trampled upon, Biafrans several years of voting has yielded no fruit rather caused them so much pain, subjugation, massacre and all sorts of inhumane treatments. We elect this politicians in only for them to fight for their own selfish interest and forget the masses who voted them into power, treating them unjustly, until the coming of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB and their collective decision to Boycott all election in Biafra land starting with the Anambra State election coming up on the 18 of November 2017.

It is no longer news that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has declared a sit at home on that stipulated date for the election to commence; instead of the Christian leaders who are supposed to guide and direct their brethren under their watch to observed it, have all turned into gossipers and name calling, this men of God are supposed to be the front men at the fore-front of this current agitation as well educate the congregation on the need to stand firm, fearless to fight for what rightly belongs to them as a people.

Hate speeches has become the new National anthem since the declaration of Boycotting election; Biafrans has put up a challenge that the Churches should help and tell the congregation on the need to Boycott the upcoming election to perfect the restoration of Biafra without shedding of blood. Looking at the Nigerian Church today all ww can think of or see is a business center where the so called men of God priest[s] are just at God's own pavilion to enrich theirselves, then jettison the purpose of their calling; this was exactly what our Lord Jesus Christ [Yahusha] saw in the Bible book of John 21:17 [He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus Christ [Yahusha] saith unto him, Feed my sheep], to show how important the sheep are to our LORD he ask for three consecutive times, but most of the clergy men we have today careless the sheep for all they are after is our tithes and offerings; if not Biafra Reporters see no reason why the general overseers and other clergy men will pretend not to see the atrocities carried out on the people of Biafra and could not be able to speak up against it, each an every one that have been killed in our quest for freedom must have belong to one Pentecostal, Anglican, Catholic Church or the other[s], the clergy men seems to have lost their voice when it comes to warning the Nigerian tyrant Mohammadu Buhari APC- led government to stop the killing of innocent Biafra citizens in Nigeria for demanding for referendum, they fail to understand their responsibility and the role they play in the society.

It is written in the Bible where many prophets of old went fearlessly to warn the King[s] about his/their evil act on God's own people; today in Nigeria everyone is afraid of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and his dictatorial regime, the level of hypocrisy exhibited by most of the so called men of God today is brazenly embarrassing to the extent that they allow themselves to be sought after and bought over by the government of the day to preach falsehood against our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB at large; these senseless men of Baal forgot that self-determination which most of them preach to be evil is mostly practised in the Church. The act of establishing a parish from an already existing parish is simply self-determination.

Yahuah [God], himself knowing how important self-determination is, gave man the chance to choose where to belong in the book of Deuteronomy 30:15 [See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil] Biafra Reporters can't end this write up without appreciating the likes of Senior Prophet Joshua Iginla for condemning this barbaric acts of killing employed by the Federal government of Nigeria on Biafrans activists, Biafra Reporters are also using this medium to tell all the men and women of God and of the Church who have been feeding the congregation with falsehood on our quest to self-determination to kindly seek the face of the Most High God and also to understand their responsibility as the good Shepherds who are to speak up against any ill treatment meted to the sheeps [The Biafrans], for being murdered everyday in a cold blood without provocation of any sort. Advice the Nigerian government to refrain from this heinous crimes against humanity in Nigeria and charge him to give space for referendum. Yahuah Bless The Republic of Biafra Yahuah bless Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB Edited

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