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A Biafran-Catalan citizen casting his vote in Catalonia independence referendum
Did I hear referendum to be initiated by agitating groups in Biafra? The position of Nigeria is very clear; they have rejected restructure let alone referendum and already brought war to Biafra not withstanding external condemnation. Biafra restoration is not negotiable while Nigerian unity shares same belief, in the end, muscle will be flexed. Catalonian allies stayed out of Spanish internal issue; the only way to come in was to help them match Spanish nuclear strength but Catalonia was not prepared to wage external aggression hence announcing Independence stalled. Biafran independence is easier because Nigeria’s nuclear strength is zero; history and sympathy for Biafra remain Nigeria’s weakness.

Catalonia attempt at an independence- referendum failed and the people of Biafra tried to overlook it simply because it is not good news for the era of self-determination, but they got it wrong because Catalonia failure is the best news to self-determination success in Biafra. Nigerian government would be wishing the people of Biafra learn negative lessons from Catalonia but little did they know that Catalonia failure is the success of Biafra. While an average Biafran would be bitter over Catalonia failure; sophisticated ones will thank their lucks that the lapses of Catalonia will be reviewed and corrected on Biafra to achieving success.

Let me make it clear that what led to the failure was not the voting or the obstruction by Spanish police that rained rubber bullets on the people. Failure was as a result of hunting a wolf with bare hands and without any supernatural power. The voting was successful in most places and the people voted massively; but when it was time to announce the result and declare independence, Catalan leader was caught in his game.

The plan was firm and there was support from EU prior to the referendum or since their agitation; they also had allies and well wishers. Catalan strategy was clear; Spain is adamant that they won’t go and there is nothing that can be done about that. Biafra has a similar case; Nigeria is adamant that they won’t go and for Catalonia, once the referendum is conducted, independence will be announced and allies and EU will support their statehood but things changed afterwards.

To become an independent state; indigenous people aspiring for statehood must have the capacity to defend their territory and lives. A people fighting for statehood must put defense first before anything; especially when demanding statehood from adamant parent-country. Let us take a look at Kurdistan; they conducted their referendum and till this moment, nobody has questioned them or belittled them like Catalonia. Kurdistan is now an independent state while every other thing is fine tuned to relax their nation.

Kurdish Army
Kurdistan instrumentally identified with their allies and can boast of defense; they have what it takes to defend their territory and stand external aggression immediately after their referendum. EU and UN have limited access when self-determination is boiling; because no matter how much one proves a point, self-determination challenge is an internal matter. When an adamant parent-country is involved; EU and UN will only focus on right abuses and sympathy is drawn from there. But when the bubble will burst; UN or EU will not be there to defend the oppressed- citing Catalonia failure, defense is for indigenous people while political assistance is for EU, UN etc.

In Catalonia; the only factor derailing their independence is fear of inability to self-defense, while Kurdistan has scaled through due to her ability to defend her territory and people. Spain have shown readiness to attack once Catalonia declares independence and Catalonia having no strategy for self defense or boundary protection, they are left in the middle of nowhere right now. In a circumstance of war the world will back the just and weak only if they can wage for a while.

IPOB is a peaceful body fighting for the restoration of Biafra and peaceful agitation has its limit; Catalonia crossed the limit of peaceful agitation when it declared referendum and sought after independence.

India peacefully fought for their freedom and achieved it in hundred years time; and such patience is needed if peaceful agitation overrules.

Another way statehood can be achieved is when a parent country is charged in international criminal court and found guilty and in most cases; conviction is tread with statehood. The leadership of parent country can also be compelled to conduct referendum. But applying that in Nigeria will be a hard nut to crack due to the interest of Britain that stands as the owner of Nigeria. Britain ensured that no Nigerian leader was charged with genocide in 1967 and still using Her Majesty’s high wire connection to oppose Biafran cases.

IPOB need defense; while IPOB controls civilian populace, other freedom fighting groups or group can control the defense of civilians. If a strong defense is established against a weak Nigerian military; Biafra will be restored once IPOB declares referendum/independence. If Catalonia had an opposition like Nigeria; they could have established defense and declared independence because Nigeria’s acts against IPOB have killed her and made her allergic to civilized world. In advent of armed conflict; Nigeria will woefully lose because tagging a people terrorist is an order to carry-out ethnic cleansing while a confrontation is to preserve life in Biafra.

Finally; Biafra has a strong case, 50 years ago, Nigeria had her first civil war and having another one or attempting another one now will mark the end of Nigeria because the world is already aware of the story. The world is aware that the repeat is as a result of corruption, marginalization, religious bigotry and ethnic hatred resulting to genocide. Biafra is justice and the world will stand by justice because they know Biafra is not a matter of comfort but a matter of existence.

Crisis in the African most populace country will be a disaster for Europe and this is why the crisis will not last a week before the world comes down and broker truce by referendum.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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