Biafra: As The Indigenous People Of Kurdistan And Catalonia Walked Through The Aisle Of Referendum; Biafrans Are Forced Leg-Walked To Unity Through Gun Barrels

Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
October 19, 2017

Biafrans murdered by Nigeria
What I still do not comprehend but subject to further thinking is the archaic ways of handling conflicted issues by the Nigerian Government and her media fronts; their level of compromise and timidity is out of proportions to the general well being of the masses within the Nigerian enclosure. Mainly the Nigerian media fronts are in their unruly characteristics manner of news reportages trying to downplay and hide the enormity of the exigency which is facing Nigeria as a Nation-State by avoiding any news headlines or captions that has to do with the term "referendum" as a happenstance all over the world.

In this expedition; the writer and his many critics will analyze Nigeria within the context of unitary system of Government, restructuring and referendum; the first was introduced by the Nigerian Military Government within the 60's and 70's and that is the problem in Nigeria today; the later was in Aburi Ghana which was also thwarted by the Nigerian Military Government while the last remain a no go area by the Government that vilify her citizens. It is unfortunate that the Nigerian Government through her paid media houses had expedite actions leading to expunging of vital information to her masses.

The Nigerian Information Minister Mr. Lai Mohammed has saturated the global village of information with his constant jibes and contradictory heresies which are nothing but phantom lies about the Indigenous People of Biafra and their resolve to the last option [referendum] which the Nigerian Government sees as a no go area for the Biafrans. Biafrans are faced with State sponsored terrorism, jihadism etc. It is seen that the Nigerian political class misconstrued the last option [referendum] thereby sending-in her Military to kill Biafrans with impunity.

One should always try not to let his/her personal ego beclouds his/her sense of reasoning as that is what is obtainable in Nigeria today where the political and apolitical groups, organizations fan the embers of one united Nigeria at the expense of using their bloods. Nigeria claims to be catalogue among developing Nations of the world [semi-civilized state], far from under-developing Nations or Nation-State which by clarity terms refers to the stone age.

Here in this column, critics from different course of disciplines of thoughts averred that as man tend to live this planet earth, generation evolves with ideologies of solving conflicted problems and to this end Nigeria has bastardized the system as nature tend to uphold; many argued that since the name "Nigeria" wasn't the black man's ideology and conception that the name should be trash-out into the oblivion while others stressed that "though the name "Nigeria" wasn't the black man's ideology and conception but had thus bring us [different divergent ethnic groups] together that we should exploit the resources in it, harness them and use it for the betterment of the Nigeria Nation-State instead of towing the lines of dismemberment through referendum.

Then the question is who owns the said resources? Who is using it to better who? Within this context of argument it is noted that the latter assumptions made by those critics are found within the corruption galvanized Nigerians who we see as having their people in Government.

Nigeria is a country that keeps on running away from her shadow; today world most renowned media houses are discussing referendum and its importance to Nation building without prejudices but here in Nigeria; the Government had sound a note of warning to her media houses not to even carry any news on that, this simply show that Nigeria is an under-developed Nation-State in Africa. A critic has this to say; "first let's look at Africa for example before the coming of the European trade merchants, a sound mind will agree with the critic's sense of judgment that it was criminality activities that these Europeans did in Africa; they came with ships and guns, took Africans as slaves, illegally exploited them humanly and gifted natural resources, left and amalgamated them to function as their business ventures without allowing referendum to the different ethnicities they artificially created. Yes it was in Berlin conference of 1884-1885 that these Europeans balkanized Africa's original boundaries to help effect their looting".

Another critic has it that; "this imperialism system introduced by the European trade merchants till date exist in Africa using Nigeria as a specimen; upon their pseudo-departing the African soil, handed over the intelligent ethnic groups to the unintelligent ones, here it is seen that the British crown dictates to the Hausa-Fulani savages on what to do and make with other ethnicity enslaved with them within the Nigerian context and never to allow them breath the breath of freedom. These Hausa-Fulani savages are doing that uptil date with no qualms or questioning from the British crown and the world around.

Modern day slavery is encouraged in Nigeria by the British crown; the question now on the lips of every African Indigenous persons is, Is Africa really an Independent Continent from the rest of other Continents? The people point at this as what they termed "the Western Wicked influence" in Africa; the rights their citizens enjoyed over there are been denied to the African citizens. Africa is in a mess of herself holding too strong man's creation called states, some critics viewed this as teleguiding the house nigger over the field nigger. This often had caused war of attrition, fratricide, genocide and war of aggression against their fellow amalgamated citizens.

With this uncalled attitude of British crown influence or meddlesomeness in the affairs of Indigenous People of Biafra and Nigeria, it has become pertinent to ask; on whose side is the British Government; the answer is right before our sight; the United Kingdom had their referendum to leave the European Union, the people of Kurdistan had same following the just concluded Catalonia referendum while there is blood bathing of Biafrans in Nigeria often over who will dare leave the British-Nigeria confinement as confined animals not human.

Africa is doom to fail, progress and develop herself because her political carriers are nothing but blood sucking demons; enemies of change, no wonder Africa is often referred to as third world Continent where her leaders lack good sense of judgment and spirit of discernment but rather they encourage looting her [Africa] and stashed her proceedings abroad.

The brain of an average African is natural to be lobbied, bribed and help subdue or subjugate his fellow African into eternal slavery and later wallow in blood tainted wealth; there is no proper sense of ratiocination in the face of bare truth to keep on judging the influence of the European trade merchants or involvement in Africa; African leaders are the sole problems of Africa today, they have refused to adopt the decency of implementing referendum which will rightly help shred the influence of imperialists balkanization of Africa because of their greed and selfishness.

Generation evolves and people change from one form of system, practice to another as that is natural with human nature; it is a mistaken term for dictator Mohammadu Buhari's petulancy to always massacre the Indigenous People of Biafrans over their inalienable rights to self-determination without the world sanctioning him and his Government officials. President Mohammadu Buhari had sacrificed Biafrans enough on the altar of one Nigeria in this referendum time with impunity.

Nigeria is really "Beast of No Nation" tribute to Mr. Fela Anukulapor Kuti.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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