Published on October 15, 2017
By The Biafra Post

Nigerian islamic occupying forces heading to Biafra land
Oh! Cattle rearers have lost breed of noble blood in Junaid Mohammed. A herdsman of a dangurugwu personified; Junaid Mohammed. A professor of Hausa/Fulani illiteracy, an educated illiterate, frustrated professor, a capital product of Sokoto normadic education centre, a defined description of failed Nigeria legislative system - Lawmaker indeed, a man whose conception to birth was at the back of a ZOO, the mouthpiece of the terrorist Buhari. The North are prepared for a divided Nigeria by Junaid Mohammed, yet the north are not prepared to let go those who boldly advocate for a peaceful disintegration of Nigeria; What a hypocricy from a bloody liar. It is believed another Lai Mohammed in action - The mischievous Mohammeds.

IPOB and Biafrans are witnessing war already. Buhari has already declared a war on Biafrans. Which other war is Junaid Mohammed asking for. Heavy Military presence in Biafra; are they on peace keeping mission? Miliary giving medical injections and humanitarian aids in a civil environment and Junaid Mohammed never saw that as a war. Then he is the real BASTARD. If the Military presence in Biafra land is on peace keeping Mission, then there is already war. Nnamdi Kanu's residence severally attacked, people killed, tortured, brutalized by Brutai, properties looted, ofcourse indiscriminate killings as even dogs were killed. The war is raging already with IPOB using the weapon of truth against the lies and deceits of Nigeria. While Nigeria is using conventional military weapons and killing Biafrans. That is the irony and strange of it all with IPOB using words of truth against Nigeria Military hardwares. Which other war does Junaid Mohammed talking about. Students are being withdrawn from schools in Anambra State on beholding military presence; isn't that a war? Hei! Who is the moron here? There is war already! Buhari is at war with Biafra.

South-East governors and South-South governors must prepare for more refugee intakes in their domains. Unfortunately Biafrans are trapped in the hands of selfish leaders who will never protect them nor give them any refuge. The confidence and trust are gone. Oh, what a double tragedy! South-East and South-South (The Eastern region) leaders must never be at confidence with Nigeria.

Junaid Mohammed should jettison his degree and return back to kindergarten as he is ignorant of what civil war really means, the characteristics and the implications. Shame of you personified ILLITERATE JUNAID MOHAMMED.

The truth shall prevail...NO GOING BACK.

By Mr Azubuike Francis

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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