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Mr. Obetta, a former counsel to Director of Radio Biafra Mazi Nnamdi kanu, was nobody without IPOB. His assertion on interview granted by Sahara Reporters, that IPOB played into the hands of the federal government by its hate filled agitation was a sign of financial inducement that warranted him to speak from both sides of his mouth. He claimed the word “freedom fighting” in Nigeria means terrorism though, the word “terrorism” may not have a universal definition but interrelated with similar meaning and cohesiveness that is generally acceptable hence, no country deliberately harbors terrorists neither do any country or nation sees terrorism moral except Nigeria .

 It is important to educate Mr. Obetta, no reasonable freedom fighter will label war against the host country unless, on self defense which is inevitably naturally acceptable to limit excessive attacks from oppress. Yes, Biafrans are peaceful, Self defense may be the best option to avoid extermination of Biafra race from the surface of the earth. His baseless perceptive index to paint IPOB blue and black proves he is bias, a spy sent by federal government to suck IPOB into oblivion. It is better to trust an illiterate with honor than a self claimed dishonorable learned counsel (Obetta), in his contradictory statement that no casualty during military invention in IPOB leader’s home. According to him those killed was only on speculation, it simply means he is a lazy charge and bell counsel with no articulate reasoning faculty to pass a text of debate in this contemporary world, for staying in his comfort office saying junk without extensive investigation. Perhaps, what was the essence of commiserate with the families of the dead and wishing the injured quick recovery, if IPOB members shot dead at Nnamdi Kanu’s residence and Aba respectively were only mere speculation? Has the inherit wickedness of man folds his eyes to ascertain a single fact? Any right thinking being knows South East is the most peaceful region in Nigeria, which makes deployment of troops in the region inconsequential, null and void. Unlike, North East where military python is restricted to dance in a Boko Haram terrorist enclave where they wreck havoc on daily basis.

  State sponsor terrorism by Buahari’s led government against Biafrans is enough reason to criticize Hausa Fulani slave Biafran political gladiators for assisting their masters to slaughtered innocent citizens to retain political posts. For a responsible man to shield brow day light atrocity means Obetta, was under the influence of toxic substance when the interview was granted. That could be the reason for his myopic argument that IPOB denies one’s right to hold contrary view on self determination not knowing Biafrans are republican by nature where debate, contradictory opinions are paramount to effectively achieve certain objective at the expense of all. Even when it is impossible one to run away from his shadow, he denies not being a biafran in electronic conversation with IPOB Deputy Director Uche Mefor, according to him on Radio Biafra, was he nail for his right of association and freedom of choice?

Debate, criticisms and contradictory ideas are hallmarks of democracy, South East politicians failed woefully and they are all afraid to withstand its people rather, prefer sycophants like Obetta and his political jingles. He is not the first neither may he be the last to compromise, one thing is certain he must come back in shame at appropriate time like others besides, his existence means nothing for Biafra restoration 

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