I am not used to joining issues with Nigeria; I have rather exploited her shortcomings and critically passed a clear message and yet, wouldn’t love Nigeria to learn but feel every cut that leaves her bleed profusely. But I felt this column needs to look into Deziani Madueke’s issue and compare it to the recently observed first October to giving the true picture of Nigerian independence. Nigeria is not independent and that is what Nigerians must admit; but if Britain gave her independence, then Her Majesty took it before Nigeria even held it.


I was in Delta state during the 1st October Independence Day; my hotel room’s window had a clear outlook and throughout the day, I did not see the usual white and green colors that saturate cities. This swayed me that I forgot to write about Nigerian Independence; like the people have forgotten Nigeria, I also forgot about her independence, and felt it doesn’t worth my attention. I later boarded a cab and left my lodge for a meeting only to ask my cab driver why he is not celebrating Independence; he roared at me, stating that those that celebrate Independence are the politicians in Abuja and that what he wants now is Biafra. The people of Biafra will always take any opportunity they see to show their resolve to getting a referendum. Boycotting Nigerian Independence Day was a window which was absolutely used.

 The issue of Dezieani Madueke is my reference point; the message is clear, the bastardized Independence has stretched to the point that Britain does the legal work for Nigeria. I have often asked a question without answer because I have not seen the definition of Independence in Nigeria. Britain called for referendum in Scotland and obviously declined referendum in Nigeria; we are blacks, the dogs that do their dirty jobs. A man commits a crime in Nigeria and is tried in Britain; whilst no British man has ever been tried in Nigeria. Going further to list factors of Nigerian dependence; space won’t be left for the core issue
. I have found something unruly with Britain; they have always played the Northern Nigerian’s card, why has US not jailed a Biafran for the first time? Why has no other commonwealth country jailed a Biafran or did the political legal work that subsequently put a Biafran in prison? Are Biafrans the only corrupt Nigerians in the world? What about Umaru Diko; Atiku Abubakar, what about Buhari that was questioned and left by British police, what about Tinibu, what about all other Nigerians from other ethnic groups? They are saints and they are not investigated and jailed in Britain; they don’t siphon money through British banks, they don’t come to Britain but once it is a Biafran, Britain wakes up and finally nails him or her.

James Ibori; a Biafran son was jailed by Britain in an epoch corruption is and till date the watchword of every Nigerian, when you look closely, he was the only one singled out by the creator herself. Britain handed Biafra over to the North and made them slaves. They amalgamated Northern and Southern protectorate under force and bloodshed of the people of Biafra. Since this unhealthy and illegal amalgamation; the people of Biafra continue to die in the millions. Britain not okay with their afflictions yet goes on jailing only them in Britain. The people of Biafra have always stayed at the corridor of power except Jonathan who spent six years in power and one wonders why Britain hurt or blackmail Biafrans alone by jailing them and making them the scapegoat of Nigerian state endorsed corruption.

Recently; the man that paid Fulani herdsmen, the world’s fourth most dangerous terror group was in Chatham House and he was welcomed like a hero simply because he is a Northerner. Most of them with one corruption cases or another and have their businesses done through British banks come and go because they are not Biafrans. Biafrans suffer oil spillage and environmental pollution; they own the oil Britain feed on and when they are framed; Britain pounces and make sure she puts final nail in the coffin. I am yet to know why Britain jail the people of Biafra or have so much interest in their matter; is that part of hunting them down or forcing them pay for ever opposing the colonial domination.

Doing the job they assigned the Northern supremacy is something of great concern; Dezieani Madueke cannot be expatriated to Nigeria to answer her case because Britain has caught one of those that deserve death and prison. While Nigerians celebrate independence; it is shameful that a country has no interest in her citizen. It is shameful that Dezieani Madueke cannot be jealously protected and Britain has right over her than Nigeria. Let me conclude this sad piece with the simple and proven fact that Biafrans will always come back in shame or tears after serving Nigeria because they are slaves. A Biafran doesn’t behave like any other Nigerian because they don’t get equal treatment. Except Biafra; other Nigerians are first class and can get away with anything like Kashamu but when it comes to a Biafran, he gets it raw and hot. Only Biafra can save the situation; even when the oil in our land take us to jail while those that loot it are praised and given special attention at Chatham House. It is time to embrace Biafra, bring sanity, equity and equal treatment to all and sundry. Ifeanyi Chijioke is a journalist and social and political critic .

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