From insider :

1. That the Hausa-Fulani controlled Nigeria security apparatus have resolved and determined to kill 5000-10000 Igbos before 2019 .

2. That this pogrom was scheduled to begin in the next three weeks.

3. That the military, the police and the DSS would carry this out simultaneously throughout Igbo land.

4.That to justify this genocide, the Nigeria Army will kill a number of people who would be dressed in military uniform and then call a world press conference to show off these corpses as soldiers killed by IPOB.

5. In addition to the above, they were also going to burn down a number of police stations in the South East and claim that these were burnt down by IPOB.

6. That the ongoing attempt to tag IPOB a terrorist organization is part of the plot.

7. And that presently a special squad is being trained to spearhead this plot
8. That in order to isolate the Igbos, a serious ploy is being hatched to further alienate our “South South” brethren from the Biafra struggle.

9. That in pursuit of this alienation, there is a plan to appoint someone from the “South South” into “a powerful” office in the Federal government.

10.That Two offices being considered are the Chief of Army Staff or Secretary to the Federal Government.

11. The person so appointed will then be saddled with the responsibility of carrying out the plot, though he will not have any power in reality since they will make sure that he does not apply his own initiative while he lasts in the office.

12. This appointment is meant to make it look like it is the “South South” that is actually fighting and killing the Igbos (a replay of the abandoned property saga).

13. Further, it would make the unsuspecting “South Southerners” think that they have to save their brother’s appointment by dissociating themselves from the Biafra restoration project.

14. To complement the above plot, the informant also disclosed that a Yoruba would soon be appointed to replace the current IGP. This is to make it look like the fight against the Igbos was actually being spearheaded by the South West and the “South South”.

15. Furthermore, that they desperately wanted to cut off the “South South” because of oil: so they can continue to use it as they wish and also to forestall its being a tool for international negotiation.

16 The informant suggest that :

a The local and international media should be immediately engaged with piece of this information to preempt the plan and thus cutting them off before they i carry out these atrocious plan

b That all effort should be made to bring the key players in the south south to buy into the Biafra restoration project .

c That a petition based on this in information should be quickly decimated to all the foreign ambassadors in Nigeria the EU, UN, AU, ECOWAS .

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