By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 01, 2017

A Biafran boldly holding a placard inscribed that "Say No to election in Biafra land" while the police looked on
Right from the very moment Nnamdi Kanu declared no-more election in Biafra land; politicians and the government of Nigeria have been restless. The effectiveness of 30th May sit-at-home order gives credence to the inevitable success of 18th October Anambra state election ban.

Politicians and political leaders have neither gone to sleep; as uncomfortable as they have been seeking solution to the election ban. They are consulting and pleading; there is coercion but all seem not have yielded a positive result. The effort to bribe or court IPOB and her leader into compromise has failed as well but the political class have not giving up.

They have shown rare friendship and shown support; admitted where they formerly opposed and changed the tone of their voices. They keep being friendly and doing everything to please the people of Biafra in a bid to rescind the election ban. Officially; unofficially, secretly and openly, they have done one thing or another, a keen effort to lift the ban.

“We are extending hands of friendship and the governor is showing concern; there is the need to understand that we are all one. We are strongly considering helping the agitation for Biafra restoration but from our own field- politics. No matter how you deny it; there is a political relevance to the struggle” a government source who confided in The Biafra Post said.

Originally; the people were supposed to be on a page with their political leaders who play the role of representatives, but things had fallen apart for ages; since after the civil war, politicians in Eastern Nigeria focused more on their pockets like their counterparts from West and North. In a situation a section of Nigeria is stable is only about federal budget or attention.
In Eastern Nigeria; what an average Easterner cares about is his survival and not government accountability or leadership score cards. Hence private schools are scattered everywhere and their various offices and markets are open, political leaders can embezzle as much as they care. When it is time to go to the polls, politicians are reminded to come with enough money from the one they embezzled to buy votes and life goes on.
Suddenly; the people got sensitized by Nnamdi Kanu and finding out that they own the power their political leaders have been wielding, the rhythm of the state began to change. Political leaders that have been cheating the people; conniving with others from other region to use the people are coming to the reality that this is the time of reckoning.

“The governor understands everything and whatsoever that transpired in the past should be left there. He is ready to consider and work with the people; he is trying but you know we have a lot of enemies. People have said a lot against the governor even when he did not do anything. Nnamdi Kanu must lift ban on election; he has to see reasons” a contact said.

Anambra state became the first place election boycott will takes effect and the purported role of the state government in the murder of peaceful protesters cannot be undermined; it is believed that election boycott is a sort of payback. The Southsouth and Southeast political leaders have been sufficiently criticized over the continued massacre of peaceful protesters in their various states, which they have often denied and blamed the FG, though that is not enough to exempt them as they are the chief security officer of their states.

“Come to Anambra state and you would see that IPOB hold their meetings peacefully; nobody attacks them and there is no news of crashes. The Governor comes to a function and IPOB disrupts that and he gently walks away. Nnamdi Kanu frequently visits Anambra state and nobody has ever stopped him on the road or disturbed him. Can’t you see that the governor of Anambra state is doing everything possible to show the spirit of oneness and that he supports Biafra”, pro-Anambra state government said.

On the contrary; the people of Biafra believe that everything being done today is simply to hoodwink them. Nigerian political system thrives on deceit which follows promises during campaign and betrayal when elected. There is a wider belief that everything being done today in old Eastern region is a white goose chase and to lift election boycutt and continue in impunity.

“There is what is termed ‘uprising’ in Abuja and Aso Rock has been pushing to come down to Biafra land and Anambra state precisely but the Governor kept pushing them back, assuring them that he can handle everything and that there is nothing wrong, if our brothers refuse to accept this friendly gesture from us, it would be brutal in Biafra land, the Eastern Governors will allow FG to carry out their operation and Southsouth Governors will also allow FG. You must do everything possible to explain this to your leader, let him lift the ban”, FG source mildly threatened.

The issue of clampdown is no longer new to Biafra activists; they have been accustomed to that and the more the clampdown goes on, the stronger the people become. 'Operation python dance' came and gone and the agitation is still on a rise. The mistake Nigerian government often make is the belief that military approach can solve Biafra question. The people cannot be deterred by mere threat of clampdown; they are determined and ready to be free.

“By declaring no-election; we see it as attack against the political class and there must be some sort of defense. If you make life hard for us, do you expect us to make life easy for you? This is very simple and straight; if you decline our brotherly love, enmity will thrive” - government source said.

Recently; the government may have started implementation of her threat with report of IPOB members being arrested for possessing Biafra color materials. There is a sudden and intense molestation by Nigerian forces. In Igweocha {Rivers State} there are reports of arrest of IPOB members for nothing and in Anambra state; there are reports of seizing Biafra color materials and burning them. The government may have started implementation of the threats as IPOB still stood firm on election boycott.

As we await to see how far the threat will go; let it be noteworthy that nothing, not even renewed clampdown can deter IPOB in the cause for the restoration of Biafra.

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