BIAFRA: Rochas Okorocha's Eke-Ukwu Market Demolition Exercise In Owerri; Turns The Peaceful State Into A War Zone

By Onyegbula Solomon - TBP
September 01, 2017

Anguish as Eke-Ukwu is demolished by Gov. Okorocha
Before now Owerri the capital of Imo state, was known as one of the most peaceful state if not the most peaceful state in Nigeria. This is owing to the fact; the peaceful and hospitability nature of the Owerri people which eventually transcends into the very harmonious atmosphere in Owerri and it's environs.

But today, the reverse has become the case under a tyrant Governor Rochas  Okorocha; things has really fallen apart because the very centre that could hold us has refused to henceforth maintain its strong bond of affinity leading to things falling apart.

Imolites in general and Owerri in particular woke up on 25th day of August 2017, being Friday, the sad and shocking news of the demolition of Eke-Ukwu Market filtered in by the Eke-Ukwu Owerri market leaders to their follow traders; this ugly news of demolition exercise incidentally happens to be the ancestral market of the Owerri people from ages past.

Information gotten from some elderly men in Owerri Nchise as they are rightly called has it that the market had stayed there, in their ancestral land for more than 200 years; the elders gave instances how the market came into existence or being with the blessings of Avu people of Owerri-West that gave them the sceptre of Eke-Market day which led to their people changing their Orie Market day to be known as Eke-Ukwu Owerri.

On that fateful day Biafra reporters took their time and went through the scene of the brouhaha to have a first hand information to avoid hearsay report that always comes from the Nigerian gutter media houses. Biafra reporters can attest how they saw people running up and down trying to save their merchandise from the ugly hands of Rochas Okorocha bulldozers, sad enough people struggled to secure some part of their goods or wares.

The Biafra Post [Biafra Reporters] saw how most traders lost their valuable goods while some got damaged as a result of the security operatives and hired militants that shot people at different directions in other to disperse people and douse tension. People ran from pillar to post to save their lives while some received bullet wounds.

As if the lost of wares and running of people occasioned by the impromptu demolition exercise carried out by the state Governor was not enormous, Biafra reporters saw bullets rained in the air touching people's houses; people got injured from the hot bullets shot at them, there were all sort and kinds of injuries sustained by people who ran for their safety.

The Nigerian Police shot  poisonous teargas at the people they are meant to protect, this followed by live bullets shot at innocent-confused and defenseless people who were unarmed looking at what was happening; unsuspecting traders sustained high degree of injuries either physically or emotionally, their only crime was to secure their goods from being damaged.

Furthermore, to aggravate the already tensed situation the governor without thinking went to Ohaji to invite cultist and armed militants who joined the bulldozer workers and armed security men to demolish the mapped out area. The cultist cum militants from Ohaji resorted to something else that became deplorable to sane society; these criminals took laws into their hands by doing the work of armed security operatives on-ground, this they did by now asking people to hands up before passing. Hence their suspected victims raise their hands up they made away with their persons phones, wallet or purse.

In addition to this public harassment caused by Rochas Okorocha; the Ohaji criminals resorted to robbing the people of their goods and cash at gunpoint while the security men watched hapless and kept mute.

Today as we speak the youths of Owerri has risen to fight this ugly trend and slap on their faces collectively as a community; how could a Governor invite some cultists and militants to another person's place, town or village and armed them to carry out criminal activities against the indigenes of such a place, town or village of origin? The people of Owerri questioned! That they have no land dispute with Ohaji people that warranted such attack on them.

The people of Owerri questioned because when injustice becomes a law, resistance becomes a duty; today we are still counting the number of casualties both dead and alive and injuries of different magnitude meted out against the traders. The youths of Owerri are saying a very big NO to government sponsored terrorism attack against them and the demolition exercise on their traditional market.

The youths of Owerri are ready to die fighting over this injustice so that justice will prevail in the land; residents no longer sleep with their two eyes closed, or walk around freely within the Owerri municipality axis because they don't know where the next fight or bullet will come from. Owerri is now in great disarray, no thanks to the uncalculated move by the state Governor Rochas Okorocha and his advisers. People of good conscience should persuade the Governor of Imo state and his advisers to send back home these criminals back to where he paid and rented them from or the problem will persist as the youths of Owerri has promised to face them with a repelling force.

As the angry youths of Owerri has vowed and taken the onus upon themselves to stand-off face to face with whomever is involved in this callous move by the Government of Rochas Okorocha to demolish their traditional market; the youths vowed "no retreat, no surrender" until justice prevails. How can a Governor cause a tribal war in his state? Such a Governor deserves to be impeached.

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