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I used to cringe at the sound of the word, "terrorism", for I had thought it was pejorative and demeaning. The writers of all the editions of dictionaries at my disposal may not have had an inkling of this new type of terrorism, a very harmless type that carries out its activities in the open; the terrorism that neither maims nor ravages; that neither reeves nor destroys; one that attends UNITED NATIONS SUMMIT to stage protest. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the practitioners of harmless terrorism known as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The harmlessness of this group can be gleaned from its name. Terrorism, I mean the conventional, lexical type, is never indigenous to any region or people. Terrorists are always against a people. Conventional terrorism is always about fear, force, the guns and barrels, and always pitted against the State. The IPOB, the unconventional prototype lacks the entire indices required for terrorism classification, bearing in mind that terrorism is never harmless. We can try as as much as we can to unconventional IPOB's terrorism, but the fact remains that terrorism is never unconventional. Therefore. What does this assertion say of the Executive and Judiciary arms of Nigeria's Federal Government? It is wrong to deny an indigenous people that which pertains to them as a right, but to go a step further unduly criminalising peaceful agitators makes the whole thing a circus show.

Nigeria's executive and judicial arms have become clowns in this circus show. The Nigerian Judiciary is the first the world over to be involved in frivolities. The theory of separation of powers does not hold in this case, as the Judiciary remains tethered to the apron strings of the Executive. Now, I ask: what were the reasons behind the terrorism call? Is the terrorism tag the prerogative of a sitting President? Is it within the whims and caprices of Buhari's, who may be driven by malice, or may not be knowledgeable enough, to label a group? Is it not the duty of the judiciary to purvey the unbiased explanation of the meaning of terrorism, especially in a case like this where it is being wrongly applied? A compromised judiciary is a lost nationhood. This executive and judiciary jamboree gives more credence to the IPOB agitation. Nigeria is too damaged to be repaired.

Now that the IPOB has been unjustly blacklisted, more dissidents will be joining the fray. The world watched these agitators occupy the various nations in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia, hoisting their flag and singing songs of freedom. How can they be peaceful agitators elsewhere in the world and terrorists in Nigeria? I heard that the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, is not happy that Britain is frustrating Nigeria's effort to shut down Radio Biafra, London. Well, he shouldn't be because all Britain needs from them is a good reason. We all know that Britain and Nigeria are allies, but that does not mean that anything goes. Britain has come under serious attack for her ignominious role in this Biafra struggle. Britain knows what terrorism means. I am not sure that Lai Mohammed, the father of executive lies in Africa , knows the difference between lawful agitation and terrorism.

Lastly, the Nigerian Judiciary took a plunge when it allowed two courts of coordinate jurisdiction to dispense conflicting judgments with respect to the same matter. Recall that a Federal High Court as per Justice B. Murtala-Nyako had ruled that the IPOB was a lawful organization. That order had not been set aside before another court of coordinate jurisdiction (not a higher Court) came up with this unacceptable proscription. The Judiciary is on the chessboard of the Executive in Nigeria. This is very shameful, to say the least. The love of money has taken over the place of integrity in the legal profession in Nigeria - the reason verdicts and rulings swing wither the executive want(s). I am proudly an IPOB terrorist, if being a terrorist entails lawfully and peacefully agitating for my right to be free from oppression and subjugation. I will gladly be an IPOB terrorist as long as my group can continue to attend UNITED NATIONS SUMMITS without being arrested.

What matters to us in IPOB is what the world thinks, not what Nigeria thinks. We shall always remain unarmed terrorists to an oppressive and suppression Nigeria. This terrorism label will not stand. We are the children of light. We are whiter than white. We are the Jews that will redeem Africa. All hail Biafra!
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