2SEPT 2017

There comes a time in a man’s life that he should take a definite stand and call a spade its rightful name—a spade. For a while, I had not written any piece on the raging debate of restructuring by pro-Nationalists or Biafra movement being propelled by Nnamdi Kanu’s led IPOB that has engulfed the Eastern part of Nigeria like wildfire. I embarked on self-imposed sabbatical time-out, not out of cowardice but personal reasons. My writing vacation gave me the much-needed space to introspect into the past and forecast on the future of this country, especially as it concerns Igbo youths. My deep-seated rumination provided me the ample opportunity to reach some hard conclusions on the place of Igbo nation in Nigeria.

Firstly, I want to state that I will be as tough as truth itself, not minding whose ox may be gored at the course of my analysis. I am not here to fan the embers of political correctness. The essence of taking this intellectual cum literary voyage is not to satisfy anyone’s tribal orgy or massage the ego of any group, but to pour out my unbiased mind on the Biafra question, as it relates to Igbo youths. And no apology will be offered for exercising my fundamental right of free speech. My descendants will through this article, know where their father, grandfather and great-grandfather stood when their future were being decided. I am an ardent believer in posterity.

I must accept and affirm this irrefutable narrative that Igbo Youths are at the crossroad of their lives in Nigeria of today. Most of us that were born after Nigeria-Biafran war came into a country that had being systematically skewed against us, for the sole purpose to cage our growth and mortgage our destinies, just to get at our fathers who waged war against Nigerian state, not to dominate other tribes, but for self-preservation when our forerunners were being massacred mercilessly in the North, for the actions and inactions of few Igbo soldiers and their co-conspirators from other tribes.
More than fifty years after the civil war, we are still being punished for the so-called sins of our fathers. Nigerian State has enslaved us and made us third class citizens in the same country our pathfinders sacrificed all and fought a formidable battle to free, from the clutches of British colonial masters. Nigeria of our founding fathers was later hijacked by chronic Igbo haters, who institutionalized policies that would ensure that an average Igbo youth does not attain his or her potentials as longs as the person lives in this contraption called Nigeria. The same sadistic power brokers who ignorantly assumed the ownership of Nigeria are not yet satisfied with oppression and marginalization of Igbo nation. They have succeeded in passing down the wicked anti-Igbo philosophy to their first and second generations, just to keep propagating this falsehood; that the tree of unity of Nigeria must be watered with the pains, frustrations, distrust and stagnation of Igbo nation.

The tragic end of the war and its attendant losses on the side of Ndigbo eroded the political confidence of our fathers. Though, Igbos were able to stage a comeback economically, and even soared higher than our oppressors but that was not enough. Our fathers carried this psychological wound of a defeated people, of which infiltrated their spirit—that brought us where we are today. The civil war ended officially in 1970 but that year heralded the despicable onslaught against Igbo nation, starting with the horrible and strangulating anti-Igbo economic policies of Gen. Gowon-led military government. Our fathers and mothers were forcibly railroaded into accepting their beleaguered fate as conquered people. Some Igbo people outside present South-East zone began denying their Igbo ancestry, not out of hate for their kith and kin, but for the sake of survival. Igbo nation became endangered, stigmatized and has been left in the deep-ocean of forlornity till date.

A lot of political pundits are still flabbergasted at the reincarnation of Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu and late Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu in Nnamdi Kanu. Since the war ended, all the injustices thrown at Igbo nation by successive Nigeria governments were swallowed hook, line and sinker by Igbo political leaders. No one dared to ask the following questions: why is it that South-East remains the only zone with five states and only 95 LGAs? What is derailing the construction of second Niger Bridge? Who and who sat down to decide that Enugu Airport and Onitsha seaport would not become viable, irrespective of the fact that Igbos are the engine room of the nation's economy? Igbos contribute 75% of the importations coming into Nigeria, yet since I was born, I have never heard an Igbo person appointed Custom’s comptroller-general or managing director of Nigerian Ports Authority? Federal roads in the East are the most dilapidated yet someone still asking the dumb question on why Igbo youths are angry with Nigeria? Excuse me please!

Let come to think of it, do you know how many billions of dollars, political and employment opportunities we have lost (and still losing) as a result of shortage of one state and many LGAs in South-East? More tellingly, are you aware that there is no single federal presence in the East? President Jonathan was intimidated out of office because he crossed the ‘red lines’ by giving Igbos‘out of bound' positions? Am I to even discuss the foreclosed possibility of an Igbo man becoming president? Who is fooling who here? The pangs and ardor of Igbo youths have gotten to the point of tailspin, not even the intervention of the so-called Igbo political elite who couldn’t fight for us, can stop the movement now. Where were purported Igbo political leaders before the arrival of Nnamdi Kanu on the scene? Kanu is a product of leadership vacuum that existed in the East before now.

The resurgence of Biafra struggle is a vote of no confidence on successive Igbo leaders since after the war, who buried their heads in Sahara-desert-hot sand like ostrich, while the future of their youths were being stifled by born-to-rule protagonists. I want to use this medium to warn those who view this on-going agitation as fallout of 2015 election to better stop hallucinating, or be caught unawares when the centrifugal and centripetal fault lines will start erupting on their own. Nnamdi Kanu has succeeded in awakening the sleeping giants in our youths. We have decided to take our destiny into our bare hands—not even Nnamdi Kanu himself can stop the fast-moving train of Biafra! Over one million Kanus have been radicalized to continue this struggle. We are sick and tired of this epitome of injustice and marginalization called Nigeria! Enough is enough! If we perish; we perish! It is better to die fighting for one’s emancipation, than live as a perpetual and trans-generational slave. Give us referendum if we (Igbo youths) cannot be mainstreamed into Nigeria! Simple!

The danger Nigerian State is yet to realize is that, these Igbo youths are not ready to take trailer loads of nonsensical intimidations and unmitigated oppressions their fathers endured without raising eyebrows. We are not afraid of losing anything because we have lost all! The most potent enemy to fight is someone who has nothing to lose. We have reached that crescendo! The only remedy of stopping the impending explosion of the age-longed and ingrained anger and frustrations of Igbo youth with the ossified and unbalanced system of Nigeria is to initiate total overhauling—if you like call it restructuring of this entity, to avert looming balkanization of the country. Every region must grow at its own pace. No ethnic group(s) can hold us down again! Those who are swimming in the whirlpools of delusion that Nigeria’s unjust unity has been settled will wake up from their illusions, to discover that there was a country called Nigeria. No reasonable partner can continue in an abusive and unproductive marriage, especially when his consent was not sort before the unholy marriage was conscripted


As I was rounding up this piece, the news broke that Arewa (old) Youths had shamelessly withdrawn the self-proclaimed quit notice handed down to Igbos of South-East extraction. I busted into uncontrolled laughter to the mockery of over-pampered ungrateful parasites, parading themselves as Arewa Youths. Sits and starts, I knew that the Arewa Youths, who fronted for Northern political leaders, were subdued under the influence of reveries, by hedging their bet that that quite notice would frighten IPOB into deserting Biafra struggle. Northern leaders thought the so-called quite notice would have served as a joker to rattle Igbo youths, but it failed flat. It collapsed because this is 2017 not 1967 or 1970s. A new set of Igbo generation has emerged. This is a courageous generation that are not lily-livered but bold to confront their adversaries henceforth and retake the control of the ship of Igbo nation from the grip of Fulani oligarchy.

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