Biafra: [Black Saturday]: Blood Bath As Eke-Ukwu Owerri Market Got Demolished By Rochas  Okorocha; Frustration Set-In - Part 2

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
September 03, 2017

A Government that feels being irresponsible to the plights of his people [The Governed] is nothing but a decorated beast; I wonder what happens to the people's parliament or assembly where some salient issues are being adumbrated upon, seeking for panacea to them.

Eke-Ukwu Owerri market did not just came into existence under Rochas  Okorocha's administration as the first nor the last Governor of Imo State; we wonder where he perceived the idea of destroying the people of Owerri heritage. Who did Rochas Okorocha consulted before embarking on this atrocious act of demolishing an aged ancestral market?

Following the news over the demolition exercise carried out by Rochas Okorocha the sitting Governor of Imo State; information gathered from Punch newspaper has it that the Governor lied against the people of Owerri where he asserted wrongly to mean truth that the people of Owerri are very happy for this demolition exercise and thereby praised him for a job well done; then we question what happened to this man sense of reasoning? With these fathom lies, we question Rochas Okorocha's paternity; because in Igbo tradition, the people don't just cite their market anyhow without consultations from the chief priest; the elders; the youths and married women, this now followed by divination of libation as a form of total agreement by all the indigenes that make-up that town or village.

This becomes a heritage to the people; as upon establishment, they choose the very market day to name their market as Igbo traditions has four market days for her indigenous people; but this has Rochas Okorocha violated over night. There are so many myths and legends or handed-over stories that make up a people's culture and custom for which the people are known for that you just don't destroy their history for them using civilization or one flimsy excuse or another to achieve such aims and objectives.

As events continue to unfold; Biafra Reporters visited some elders and youths of Owerri to get first hand information from them why they have resolved that the Governor has no right of whatsoever to either demolish or evacuate their traditional market to somewhere else as the market is part of their culture and heritage.

According to the elders and some youths; history handed over to them by their progenitors has it that the people of Owerri Nchi Ano, meaning four sons namely Ororonjo - Umuororonjo, Amawom - Umuamawom, Onyeche - Umuonyeche, Odu- Umuodu later adopted one son from Nekede [Oyima -Umuoyima] to be Owerri nchise, migrated from Urata in Owerri-North which is also part of their history, culture and heritage to celebrate the Oru-Owerri festival till date; when inter tribal war started in the present day Owerri-nchise that is known as Owerri-Municipal, the people went to either as a short or long stay to live with the people of Avu in Owerri-West with their then Orie Owerri market which means their market opens on every Orie day; when peace and normalcy returned to their land as a result of acculturation with the people of Avu in Owerri-West, begged them to bless them for their departure back to their land of war; it was gathered that Avu people liked Owerri nchise without prejudices that the elders of Avu village consulted their village Chief priest and gave them [Owerri nchise] the Eke-Avu sceptre as a sign of blessing and unity of purpose.

On returning to their ancestral land changed their market day from Orie-Owerri to Eke-Ukwu Owerri which to them symbolizes and signifies something to them till this day; this becomes a culture, a custom, a heritage to them whenever they visit the market to trade their businesses; this they also made reference to the statue of liberty in America was not originally American as it was handed over to them by the French people which to them symbolizes or signifies something to both countries of the world.

The aesthetic nature and position of the Eke-Ukwu Owerri market is one to reckon with as almost every indigenes of Imo State either trade or buy there. The people has raised alarm to demand why Rochas Okorocha built a market plaza close to their ancestral market and want to remove or demolish theirs if his own plaza is not for business and trading, the people vowed that Rochas Okorocha has bitten more than he can chew owing to the fact that he rented militants to fight them in their land when they are not in war with him.

The people of Owerri have cried bitterly that every other sources of generating income to living a normal life had been taken away from them by the previous and successive Governments in Owerri - Imo State with fake promises of rehabilitating them with financial gains or empowerment; all their lands taken away forcefully from them by the Government for one thing or another and what you notice next the Government converts them to their personal properties, the only thing left for them which is the market that they shade their goods to generate a source of living is what the Government of Rochas Okorocha wants to frustrate them into committing unlawful social vices.

Apart from the demolition exercise; why would the Government of Rochas Okorocha rents cultists and ex-militants to help him realized his dreams of demolishing the ever-busy Eke-Ukwu Owerri market if there are no strings attached to this move? Also why did Rochas Okorocha acted out of order and control when there is an already existing court order to this move? When has it become a constitutional thing to do for a Governor to kill those he is meant to protect as the constitution uphold that every citizen of the entity called Nigeria has the right to live or life? Why did Rochas acted out of his sworn oath to uphold the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria?

Rochas Okorocha sworn an oath to protect the lives and properties of the Governed who happens to be his subjects but it will interest the general public to know that this tyrant Governor destroyed people's goods; merchandise running into billions while his rented cultists and ex-militants maimed and stole the people's goods in a broad day light without the armed security operatives on-ground stopping them.

This uncalculated approach of using cultists and ex-militants by Rochas Okorocha demands that the House of Assemble gets him impeached for having failed to uphold the constitution he sworn an oath to uphold. It is on this note that we appeal to all the relevant bodies in Imo State and the about-to-be-desolve country at large to help the people of Owerri to get Justice; the deprived that their businesses were vitiated, those that lost their lives; those nursing their injuries seek for justice.

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