By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
September 25, 2017

I came late; but make you no blame me, I don think this proscription sotee I wan talk. I decided to talk because I have taken enough time studying what happened among Northern governors in the build up to labeling armed Boko haram terrorist group. The then chief of army staff was forced out of office by Northern governors for even daring to fight misguided brothers of Northerners (Boko Haram). But in the case of peaceful and civilized activists, our governors set the pace of genocide; they want us all to die so that Nigerian money can be for them alone. Federal government has not illegally tagged IPOB a terrorist organization before the five powerless governors read their communiqué that proscribed IPOB. That is a strong indication that the governors are dedicated servants of the Hausa/Fulani supremacy. They indirectly made the way for the 'Trojan horse' to slaughter dissent voices with different political belief by illegally labeling them terrorists.

Let me clear my path; Nigeria is ruled by the Northern dominated Hausa/Fulani - the political structure of Nigeria gave the North undue advantage in Nigerian electoral system that they decide who comes into power. The fraudulent Nigerian census that told us North has 100 million populace while east has 20 million and the west 50 million populace killed any hope of anyone coming to power without the Hausa/Fulani supremacy. This is why in the North; children born yesterday cast vote to meet up the number and yet nothing happens. They may even decide to give fraudulent number of votes and you cannot question that because they have a right to 100 million votes.

Secondly, by tagging five Eastern governors ‘powerless’ am very much in order because they derive power from Hausa/Fulani supremacy, thus making them submissive. Nigerian system of government places supreme power on the president that he can virtually stamp his authority in any state. If a sitting governor ever goes against the wish of the president, he could possibly be forced out of his position with presidential influence through rigging and other means during election.

I love the five powerless men that proscribed IPOB; because they value their political position more than anything else. They are not in leadership for the people but in leadership for their pockets and for stable living. Many of us who are not opportune to be there would even do more than them, like, take riffle from the army to kill the people fighting for Biafran statehood. We will be like; eh! These fools want to get Biafra and cut off my own source of living, upon the kind suffering I suffer to come here, dey wan destroy my reign.

Anyway; I commend the five powerless men for not taking the riffle from the army but urged them to shut us up or kill us all. One thing these state governors will regret is the fact that we the people have realized that they get power when we vote but if we don’t vote, they would be powerless. The power we gave them they have used against us and this is why we won’t give them power again. They can proscribe all they want; proscribed people don’t vote and when the revolution starts, they will come first on the list of boys. By then; Rochas Okorocha will run back to North whence he came and others will stay back to suffer death. If I am a prophet; that one I no sabi.

IPOB cannot in any form or shape be compared to Boko Haram terrorists because they are unarmed, they are self-determination activists and have no record of violence against anybody and neither have they taken a soul. For the governors to proscribe IPOB giving the federal government and military the fertile ground to label them terrorists is shocking. I quickly remembered when Goodluck Jonathan tried to tag murderous Boko Haram terrorists; he was shunned and threatened by Northern governors that it later took UN to declare Boko Haram a terrorist group. Today; our powerless governors pleaded that IPOB be tagged terrorist organization because of their love for money and desire for power.

Nigerian Army molesting, humiliating inhumanly and feeding peaceful Biafrans with mud water
Wait a moment; had the governors defended their people, firmly told the federal government that yes, you can criticize my people, you can clampdown on them for their belief but you cannot rightly label them terrorists, you cannot aggressively kill them, wouldn’t they be men and powerful?

Of course; their people are not terrorists and neither are they armed; there is the need to love them in spite of their different political belief, there is the need to think home and know that God is not a man, Biafra could be restored today and they won’t have the face to continue to be part of their people. These governors have failed woefully but they should be rest assured that come election period; the people will pay them back in folds.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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