Major General Muhammadu Buhari who overthrew a democratically elected President of Nigeria in 1984; a staunch tyrant and hater of the people of Biafra has declared war against peaceful and law-abiding people of Biafra. After many years of struggling to come to power; he finally succeeded in 2015 amidst threat to soak monkeys and baboons in their blood. Many had thought he had a good mission but his quest for power was only to carry on the genocide he couldn’t complete in 1967. It is on record that Muhammadu Buhari played a major role in the 1967-70 genocide against the people of Biafra.

The Biafra National Guard has it on good intelligence that Muhammadu Buhari deployed soldiers to some parts of Biafra land to kill defenseless people of Biafra. The deployed soldiers have started to maim and kill Biafrans according to the order issued to them, yet, we wonder why a sane man would unleash soldiers to kill unarmed and defenseless people and UN remained silent.

Since on the 10th of September 2017, Nigerian army has been on rampage in Abia, Anambra, Delta and Rivers state. They have been molesting; intimidating, killing and forcing Biafrans to disappear; Biafra National Guard has received numerous reports of disappearance. We are aware that the culture of kill and cart away of the Nigerian army is responsible for the disappearance. We were sufficiently informed of the siege in the home of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra who has never raised riffle against Nigerian state or broken any known law. We are also aware of the shooting and victims so far; road blocks targeting civilians.

We also got intelligence on the stockpiling of arms in Biafra land by Buhari; arms are being stockpiled in their Hausa/Fulani controlled military barracks and Mosques- planned to be used against the Biafran populace. We are raising alarm not because we are handicapped or begging anyone to spare our lives but we are raising alarm to avoid blames. Biafra National Guard has the ability to restore Biafra which is the only thing that can guarantee security of our lives. At this juncture; we believe that nobody will blame us because there must surely be total response. The long feared self-defense that may lead to full blown war is overdue; we urge Biafrans to prepare to defend their lives.

The military occupation, incessant killing and molestation of our people will not set agenda for us, we have not declared any war but calling the attention of the world to our plight; we will take our time and show we can defend our lives and our territory- we shall respond if this massacre continue. We won’t continue to watch them take away our lives. Israel watched on until Hitler took away over three million lives of Jews; had they not defended their lives, there won’t be anything like home of the Jews today. Biafra has lost more than six million lives in the hands of Hausa/Fulani and yet has no home. It is time we faced our fate; it is time we defended our lives, our properties and our territory.

The soldiers deployed to Biafra land should quickly go back to North and Niger Republic where they came as mercenaries. They will only have their lives to regret if they continue to occupy Biafra land because they have nothing to do here. Our land is a land of peace and a call for referendum is not a call for war; we pity the soldiers and what will come upon them if they don’t retreat. Buhari cannot send them to die while he enjoys with his family. Soldiers must learn to fight a just war; they must learn to be human and they must stand against tyrants. Soldiers should find pride in defending and securing lives against hostile enemies and not turning to gun down unarmed civilians- that is rather cowardice.

Britain must be held to account; everything going on in Biafra and the rain that is about to drench dick and harry is their plan; but we would show Hausa/Fulani that we have made shelter. We shall strategically defend our lives and our land and never shall they have their way like in 1967. We have made up our mind to die for Biafra and death we shall without remorse. We are soldiers but soldiers of justice, freedom and love; we only want Biafra to end killing and political strangulation of our people.

Signed; Major Nkuma (Spokesman)

Published / by : Anyi Kings 
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