By Charles Ogbu
September 21, 2017

A Biafran girl, proudly displaying the Biafran flag 
Buhari just signed the order designating IPOB as a terrorist group while his Attorney General has already initiated the process of legalizing it ~~News.

Boko haram is an Islamic terror group fighting to enthrone Sharia law throughout Nigeria and beyond.

In pursuit of this goal, the terror group has killed thousands, displaced millions, bombed numberless homes, schools, hospitals and market places including police headquarters here in Abuja, United Nation's building and uncountable number of police stations and army barracks leaving behind a tale of wars and woes.

Hundreds of school kids have had their throat slit open while thousands of women and school girls have been kidnapped and used as sex slaves.

Thousands of soldiers and policemen have been killed by this terror group. The harvest of blood yet rages on even as I write.


On number-less occasion, the Arewa North openly and vehemently defended this dreaded boko haram terrorist group and mounted a very strong opposition to stop ex-President Jonathan from designating them a terrorist group. Very powerful Northerners physically travelled to the U.S to lobby against the proscription of boko haram.

Current Kaduna state governor, Nasir Elrufai, categorically stated that it was Jonathan and his "genocidal army" (in his exact word) who are carrying out attack in the North under the guise of boko haram and wrote numberless letters to the U.S asking them to stop selling weapon to Jonathan govt for the fight against boko haram.

Ex-Adamawa state governor, Murtala Nyako, wrote an open letter to President Jonathan specifically accusing him of carrying out ethnic cleansing against the North.

This current president, Muhammadu Buhari, who was then the presidential candidate of the then opposition party now ruling party, repeatedly defended boko haram terrorists and described any attack against them as an attack against the north, adding that instead of killing boko haram terrorists, Jonathan govt should have negotiated with them the way Yar'Adua did with the Niger Delta militants. In return, the boko boys appointed him (Buhari) to represent them in a failed peace talk with Jonathan govt.

When the U.S later designated boko haram as a terror group and the military onslaught against them intensified by Jonathan govt, Borno elders rose from a meeting and swore to head straight to the ICC located at the Hague to report the then army Chief, Lt general Ihejirika who is from the Igbo ethnic extraction for what they termed  highhandedness in dealing with the boko haram issue.

Remarkably and uniquely funny enough, in a criminally negative way, I mean, the same people who not only defended and are still nicodemously defending the terror group, boko haram, but equally almost brought down the sky just to stop the then govt from prescribing the terrorist group, are now in power. And their major priority is to stick the terrorist tag on a duly registered group (IPOB) that has acquired a reputation for being NON-VIOLENT and UNARMED.

Meanwhile, a quick Google search will reveal that some very senior boko haram fighters have since been freed from prison by this current Buhari led govt while uncountable others are currently enjoying a juicy amnesty package in what the govt termed "Amnesty for repentant boko haram fighters. This is even as the group is yet to top fighting.

What is playing out here are two things:

1.This is the Arewa North carrying out a vendetta against Ndigbo for what they believe an Igbo army Chief did to their boko haram brethren which to them was not really a terrorist group but their own pressure group.

2.This is president Muhammadu Buhari acting on his generational grudge against Ndigbo for reasons not unconnected with the 1966 coup which he strongly believe was an attempt by Ndigbo to send the whole Northern political class into extinction. The fact that that coup had soldiers from almost all of Nigeria's ethnic groups including his hausa/fulani ethnic extraction where Col Hassan Usman Katsina who was with Nzeogwu all through the coup and later became the military administrator of Northern region, doesn't matter to him. The fact that that same coup was foiled by two brave Igbo sons, Odumegwu Ojukwu in Kano and Aguyi Ironsi in Lagos, doesn't matter to him. The fact that on the evening of the January 15th coup, a Boeing 707 belonging to Nigerian Airways arrived Kano with almost the whole Northern political class on board from Lagos where they had gone to attend the Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference and was received by Ojukwu who offered them protection against the wishes of the coup planners, didn't matter to him.

I am not a prophet neither do I speak with the exactitude of one but I can authoritatively state without any fear of contradiction that no amount of noise will stop this govt from succeeding in its heinous plan to stick the terrorist tag on IPOB so as to give them the justification to arrest, jail and summarily execute Igbo sons and daughters at will. The judge who will grant judicial blessing to this is already standing by.

And the 5 Southeast governors will readily support the Buhari and his army even if they decide to use Nuclear weapon on Ala-Igbo as long as their govt houses will be spared.

Go save this piece!

Remember, it was those Igbo governors, not Buhari, who initiated this demonic process by proscribing the activities of IPOB in the southeast WITHOUT CONDEMNING THE SAVAGERY OF THE ARMY as was captured in that video. Proscribing IPOB is a euphemistic way of labelling the group a terrorist organisation.

And if you think it is just those of us on social media who will be tagged terrorists, killed and maimed or hauled into their dungeons, you need to think again.

Prominent Igbo politicians who have been speaking out against this murderous regime will be accused of having link with a terrorist group.

Those treacherous double dealing political Ebola masquerading as 5 Igbo governors will simply use that opportunity to get their strongest opponents out of the way by telling their Caliphate friends that they are the ones sponsoring IPOB.

Many people you know will catch a bullet from govt guns before this is over. Some will be jailed, humiliated and forced into exile.

If you ever think this is about Nnamdi Kanu as a person, then I suggest you think again.

The feelers out there is that Ndigbo are a very stubborn people. And there is this school of thought that believes they are the main obstacle to the plan by the Caliphate to have their agenda fully implemented.

The whole idea is to strip you, the Igbo man, of your dignity as a human person, break your spirit and make you see yourself as a lesser being.

But I have bad news for the president and his Igbo governor accomplices:

During the holocaust, there were Jews who worked with the Nazis to walk their fellow Jews into the Gas chamber as those Igbo governors are currently doing with Buhari.


Today, the Jewish Nation is still here, stronger and better.

Question is,

Where is Adolf Hitler and those treacherous Jews who helped him in murdering their fellow Jews?????

Their memory have long been intarred with their bones.

For a people that survived the combined fire powers from Britain, Russia, Morocco, Egypt and Nigeria even while blockaded from land, air and water, it will certainly take much more than a vindictive president and 5 treacherous Igbo governors to annihilate them.

We will most definitely outlive this!

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