REPORT:  09/25/2017

The murderous Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State is at It again, recalled that Rochas Okorocha has boasted that Hausa/Fulanis play better politics than Biafrans of Igbo extraction ,and he went further to say that  IPOB led by maazi Nnamdi Kanu has cause distrust between other ethic nationalities through his call for the restoration of Biafra and that IPOB should drop the either of Biafra restoration and agitate for Igbo presidency .
Report reaching the news desk of Biafra Reporters now has it that there is on going meeting in Imo State Government House Owerri being conveyed by Rochas Okorocha with all the communities Chairmen and Charladies of all the communities and association in Imo State Biafra Land .

The source that do not want his name to be mentioned said that the theme of the meeting is on how to permanently end the agitation of the restoration of Biafra in his State , the Imo State to gain trust of his Hausa/fulani masters to be qualified to be picked as a vice president of the zoo ahead of 2019 upcoming general Election as it's the only condition given to him if he is to achieve his ambition.

On this course he has doled out millions of naira to be given to each community chairmen and charladies in attendance that shall give him a full intelligence report of all the hard core Ipob activists in Imo State Biafra Land the names of the hard core members and members of BSS and all the names of coordinators and their residence address for secret and easy abduction and execution as that is the only way to finally end the agitation for the restoration of Biafra . With this plan if successful shall be extended to order states in Biafra land

The world and the people of goodwill and lovers of freedom the international and local Human Rights organisations and all international communities are hereby put on notice over the genocidal plan against the peaceful Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) whose only crime is that they are peacefully exercising their right of self determination under the United Nations charter and and a peacefully demanding for united nations Supervised Referendum. to determine our future. ..

We call on the United Nations #EU #AU to rise now to their responsibility to avoid this avoidable crises that nigeria Government is seriously instigating because there is a limit we can take we are just asking for our right to say YES OR NO for this British fraud called one Nigeria through referendum and we are not backing out. We say NO to modern day slavery. IT'S OUR FREEDOM Or they should be ready to kill us all, Anyi Kings reporting for Biafra reporter 

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