By Russell  Idatoru Bluejack
11 August 2017
Elder Edwin  Clark  
Pa Edwin Clark, what do you have to say about the razing down of over 40 houses in Adamawa by Boko Haram? What did our Pa say when communities in our region were attacked by herdsmen? He seems to be quiet over violent events. Our Pa, I am forced to conclude, condones evil. I can see why he pounced on the our peace-loving Nnamdi Kanu. AREWA, any comment for these losses? How come Edwin Clark and AREWA are quiet? Does it mean that they are in support of Boko Haram? They love Boko Haram and hate harmless Nnamdi Kanu. Disgusting reality!
Ohaneze Ndigbo, why are you all quiet? Where are all the so-called activists? Why has Nigeria become as quiet as a morgue in the face of this massacre?

Brothers, friends, and comrades in the struggle, our leaders in Igbo and "South-South" have FAILED US ALL! They are the reason we are all suffering. I will rather speak the truth and die honourably than keep quiet. There are two ways to die, and I, Russell Idatoru Bluejack, have chosen to live and die honourably, because I know that he that is fondly remembered by the living NEVER DIES. The only death we should be scared of is that which carries with it memories of us. Some of us will never die. That is the hard truth.

The people you all call ELDERS are the agents of our oppressors. They are the ones that meet with handlers of Nigeria today and attack Mazi Nnamdi Kanu tomorrow. Are you thinking? Who do you think these self-made elders represent? What do you think is their interest? Their vision is centred around the self. Their views are relative and non populist. Their mentality is solipsistic (me, myself, and I). They do not see beyond the IMMEDIATE GAINS.

Who are these elders? The ones that push us to the warfront only to go behind to swell their wallets? You mean you still call those who sit and watch as our enemies deprive us of the gains from our own God-given resources ELDERS? Are elderly ones not suppose to be protective? You call those who live in posh houses, operate from schmancy and cozy offices, and fly round the world like eagles elders? You mean elders that use the people? You mean elders that wish we can remain servile all the days of our lives? God forbid! They are not my elders!

Do you know our elder(s)? Do you know who we should respect and honour? Henceforth, accord that person that is sentient enough to understand you and feel your plight respect and honour. No one is your elder because of his age. My younger ones, big boys and girls, know that I only see myself as their elder when I can handle their problems. Elders ought to treat the people like cubs and kittens. Look around you, spot that man or woman that is selfless in every pursuit. That is the one you should respect. Yes, that person you can always reach, the one whose shoulders are broad enough for you to lean on, is your elder.
Oha n eze ndigbo 
The elder is that man/woman that knows that the people are suffering and fashions out ways to end it. There are elders around you all. Some of them are much younger than you are. What makes one another's elder is not AGE but FUNCTION. Now, I urge the youths in South-East and South-South to arise and queue behind the one that understands our shared political and economic exclusion, disintegration, and prejudice. Let us drop those stupid stories about the Civil War and  be guided by what we know.                

Ask yourselves, HOW WICKED HAS AN IGBO PERSON BEEN TO ME? HOW WICKED HAS AN IJAW, IBIBIO, AGBANKE, URHOBO/ITSHEKIRI, EFIK, IKWERRE, OGONI, ORASHI, IGALA ETC BEEN TO ME? I bet you, brothers and sisters, these people have not done you any wrong. These people are not the ones usurping your natural endowments. They are not the ones outnumbering you at the Red and Green Chambers so that bills that seek to better your lot can be killed. Who do you think killed the South-East Development Bill? Who do you think stopped the bill seeking the relocation of multinational company headquarters to South-South? Who are those that own our oil wells and use our able-bodied youths as slaves?
Do you see that we are the victims? Our unity will provide the needed solidarity to fix things. We are not the enemy. The enemy is the reason we are divided. We must decide today to work together and shame the enemies. Our enemies in the hood are those who work hard to keep us divided. Yes, those old men and women in our collective lands that hate Director Nnamdi Kanu are our real enemies. Let me end by saying that THERE ARE MORE ELDERLY VIRTUES IN NNAMDI KANU THAN IN THE SO-CALLED ELDERS. The Igbo, Ijaw, Ibibio etc are not entirely
different people. Truthful historians know that ancestry ties exist among us all. We are one. Let us start acting it. Biafra will reinforce our lost unity and solidarity. Let brotherly love bring us to the dialogue table. Each confederate should come to the summit with its proposal. We can discuss and come up with a GMOU. God bless Biafrans all over the world.

Thanks to all of you that come to my inbox to render assistance and proffer solution. You are all great thinkers. Your ideas and suggestions will always get to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Youths, this is our time. Let us all etch our names in gold by leaving indelible footprints in the sand of time. May the divine hourglass that holds our destiny as old Eastern Region never run out of sand in Jesus's name. Amen!
Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker, a revolutionary writer, a university tutor, and a socio-economic and political analyst that writes, with passion, from Port Harcourt

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Ipob  Leader maazi Nnamdi Kanu


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