Written by diraOchinma Ezeobi (TBP)

August 31,2017

Nigeria government has continuously shown supremacy over the laws of the land. They have manifested this through their grip on the judicial body of the country. The dictatorial system of government adopted by general muhammadu buhari was clearly exposed on the court cases of the leader of indigenous people of Biafra Mazi nnamdi kanu. The continuous disobedience to court orders that were not in favor of the federal government left no one in doubt as to what system of government nigeria is practicing.

The federal government released Nnamdi KANU not because of the court gave the injunction but because of the pressure mounted on them by international communities and because they were able to dictate to the court the conditions upon which he should be released. Buhari government handlers(cabals) wrote the conditions right in aso rock and hand it over  to "justice" binta nyako to read out in the court of law like a president reading an address written by his aides. The cabals were not considering the fundamental rights of mazi Nnamdi kanu while concocting the bail conditions, they were far away from acting within the very constitution to claimed to be abiding by. Worst still was the acceptance of such written waste paper by binta nyako and how she read it out with impunity and reckless disrespect to the constitution of Nigeria. Nnamdi KANU according to the conditions must forfeit his right to freedom of speech, he must forfeit his right to freedom of association for him to be released on bail.

The renewed call for re-arrest of kanu by the federal government on the ground that he has violated all the bail conditions is simply laughable and unacceptable. The people might like to ask the federal government to kindly point out from the constitution, the facts that made such conditions legal. They should be able to point to sections of the constitutions that stipulated that a man standing trial is condemned before he is found guilty of committing any crime.

The binta nyako high court should hide their face in shame for allowing the federal government to manipulate them to the extent of using unconstitutional ways to punish a yet to be convict. The attempt and call for KANU re arrest is an ordinary braggadocio that has no constitutional backing. Such move will of course be resisted in all means for when tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

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