Athored by Ifeanyi Chijioke For (TBP)
31 August 2017 

The rising sun was rearing its crescent from the east which gave birth to a fragile and tender dawn. Thursday was the D’ day as I drove down to an elder’s home, we had agreed to meet on that day. The setting of the community is that of the average Biafran community; he chose the meeting at home to reflect his status. Having been ushered to his sitting room, it didn’t take him two minutes to walk down from the stairs, accompanied by his P.AThe rising sun was rearing its crescent from the east which gave birth to a fragile and tender dawn. Thursday  and other elders, he was prepared, looking blunt as he offensively approach his sitting room, I observantly watched from my position and quickly rehearsed how to calm a flared mind.

“Nnamdi Kanu is annoying me; he is really annoying me and I called you here to make it clear that the support you- youths give him is making him go further than he shouldn’t go. He will be killed and he would set us against a lot of things; I will not watch him do that” the elder said. It was about his position over election in Biafra land; it was very clear that politicians and all the people that deal on politics without considering the future of the people will be affected so much. The elder is not an exception and he is pained as much as the Governors are pained.

“Yes; I understand your mood but really don’t know what the problem is” I feigned ignorance.

“Nnamdi Kanu cannot stop election in Biafra land; I have told you severally that Obiano did not kill Biafrans, we need the government to penetrate and get what we are looking for” he strongly said and continued.

“We want him to stop talking; let him allow us do the talking, like the North do it, the youths are the foot soldiers of the Northern elders” he posited. I took a deep breath; I have at least known what is on the table, I adjusted on the expensive couch I found myself and it was time to chip in something.

“Nnamdi Kanu will find it hard to stop talking and he would also find it hard to rescind his election position. He is aware that the people are his strength; he would always please the people over any individual. The source of his enthronement is the people and he understands how the people act; if he stops talking, he would be accused of compromise” I chipped in and continued.

“On the election ban; I have tried to talk to some people as we discussed but lifting the ban will put his integrity and dignity into jeopardy. Had he not publicly announced election ban; it would have been easier to convince him and IPOB. He is in the middle of it right now and considering anything except what the people want will be disastrous” That is the major thing some people did not understand; the leader of IPOB is peoples oriented and there is no way he can succumb to pressure or the mood of anybody changing what he has agreed with his people. IPOB is the people’s movement and it doesn’t always end with the leader of IPOB; the difference between Nnamdi Kanu and any other leader is his ability to serving the people.

We have been here he is today and he must listen to us; you must convince the people with your job. If the people of Biafra are his primary concern; then you must penetrate the people to give Kanu a safe landing” he suggested. The major reason Nnamdi Kanu withdrew himself from politicians is their ability to corrupt or twist the people to their ease. They have known how to make use of the people and flush them but that is what Nnamdi Kanu refused to do. They so much want him to come close and join their game; but as wise as he is, he has chosen to continue to be with the people and distanced himself from politicians.

“All I can do is get you to talk to Nnamdi Kanu and maybe arrange a meeting; maybe the two of you with your team can iron out things with him” I concluded. This was the summary of the deliberate with elder who invited me over election ban; obviously, the elder was a politician and survives on politics. He showed concern simply because of his political interest and not essentially because he considered the people of Biafra. This is to say that anybody affected by election ban is a politician that still savors the status quo. The people are poised to bring a change and command their future.

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