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18 August 2017
It is not all sweet that our respected late Justice Oputa gave us Charley Boy; no doubt, we would have preferred Oputa to give us the likes of Femi-Fani Kayode, Fayose, Asari Dokubo and Nnamdi Kanu. Even though late Justice Oputa would give us musicians; no doubt we would have preferred P.Square, 2Face, Flavour, those that at least think home and admit the situation of Nigeria. I respect Charley Boy’s opinion on national issues and I also respect his decision but that would not in any way stop criticisms.

The purpose of this essay is to mourn Charley before his real death because with the eyes I see my brother; he is a walking dead.
He has been browsing the streets of Abuja shouting his #MumuDonDO; I have clearly observed that my brother is not mad but thought the other way round that when the gods want to kill a man, they first make him mad. The gods first brought enmity between him and his people; he suddenly felt that the agitation in Biafra land does not in any way concern him.

He felt the need to caution his people and urge them to drop the agitation that has consumed millions of his brothers’ lives. There is a certain message in his position; he has told Nigerians that he is not part of the agitation and neither does he support his people.

He did that to get the love and support of Nigerians but lo and behold; those Nigerians nearly lynched him. Let me make it clear to him; nobody except his immediate family will mourn him when Nigeria might have taken his life and he died in vain. Charley Boy can be rest assured that Nigeria will disintegrate and not even a carefully written letter to Biafrans can change the mind of the less fanatic Biafran activist. He should stop wasting his time, he has no political future and neither is he a good analyst or social commentator, his future ends in the studio, a place he is still battling to make a mark.

Just the moment Charley boy stood to shout that his #MumuDonDo; we are asking has his mumu never do? When his people are fighting against injustice and to correct the foundational problem of Nigeria which nothing except referendum can solve, he is busy trotting the streets of Abuja with Sahara Reporters taking pictures of him like a celebrity.

Who told Charley Boy that if Buhari resigns everything will be okay with Nigeria? I suspect the desire to switch to Osibanjo; may be find a way to start washing panties as Joe Igbokwe washed for the Yoruba political dynasty. No matter how much Charley Boy loves Nigeria; it would not subtract the fact that he is Nyamiri and Omoigbo.

It cannot stop Nigerians from stoning him to death and lynching his guy that saved him from being lynched. It would not subtract the fact that as a Biafran; you have no right whatsoever to express your views in Nigeria. It subtracts not the fact that you are a slave in Nigeria and your land was conquered between 1967 and 1970.

 I heard or rather saw Charley Boy running for his life as he is being stoned; what a hypocrite? Hours after the attack; it came to me that he has suspended his protest and a day after, he is calling out 2face.

Stephen died for the love of Christ and if Charley Boy is in love with Nigeria, he could have continued his protest and die for the country he loves.

2Face is a sharp guy that cannot put his life on the line for a failed state like Nigeria; how will 2Face die for a country that destroyed every single one of us? 2Face is supposed to be down here with me and struggling with three square meal if not that he single handedly struggled to become somebody as am struggling today. What has Nigeria offered that Charley Boy expects 2Face to come as low as allowing Amaljiris stone him and talk trash? If Nigeria is Charley Boys Fatherland and not Usman Danfodios’s estate; let him continue his protest but if it Usman Danfodio’s estate, let him cease.

 If it is his fatherland; let him stand and let us see if he would not be lynched and nothing will happen. If Nigeria is his fatherland; let him express his right or fight for what the North is not in support of. If Nigeria is his country and he is not a slave; let him go back to Abuja and say this is my fatherland and will continue to demand transparency and accountability. What Nnamdi Kanu is fighting against is nothing less than what happened to Charley Boy;

Nnamdi Kanu wanted to give Charley Boy an atmosphere of peace and value. An atmosphere of justice and equity; a nation that freely aspires and holds to account without lynching her citizens. A nation love supersedes and that is without suspicion and religious hatred.
 As long as Nigeria continues to exist; Charley Boy will continue to be beaten and stoned; he will continue to be humiliated and disgraced. To the information of Charley Boy; he should leave my guy 2face out of his mumu life, he can continue to throw stone with Almajiris while 2baba continues to throw money with friends and fans pending Biafra restoration; a nation that will be overwhelmed with music like African Queen.

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