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19th August 2017
My  prayer is that may BIAFRA #Satan404missle fall on the head of all the zoo media Houses, and their  Reporters, Editors and publishers in the name of chukwuokike abiama  isee ! Isee! And so shall it be.

If you think i sound so hash then something mighty have cost it. And that is the zoo media. I woke up this morning only to see that all the social media have been saturated with headlines scripts that reads .NNAMDIKANU Agree with igbo leaders that election shall hold in anambara State . NNAMDIKANU agreed not to disrupt election in Anambra state .NNAMDIKANU agreed he won't stop election in Anambra state,   IPOB withdraw threat to stop election in Anambara state .

 I started wondering how does this become news ? How shameless these supposedly respected media fame always make a caricature of their professionalism on their bid to discredit indigenous people of biafra (IPOB ) led by the supreme leader maazi NNAMDI KANU on our stance in pressing forward to this unstoppable quest to this divine course to restore the kingdom of God on earth known as ( Biafra nation)

 The truth is that zoo government And their media fame are been controlled by violence minded individuals most of them are sponsors of various terrorists organisations both official And unofficial groups like boko haram, fulani herdsmen, Arewa Youths, DSS, NAf, NPF, hence when ever they planned to execute any attack against biafra people they shall through their sponsored media fame invent violent words with aim of inciting IPOB to violence so they can succeed in tagging IPOB as a violence organization in the eyes of international communities.

 But do you know what ? they shall always fail as they have been failing  because our resoluteness is unshakable and almighty chukwuokike abiama (God) is directing the affairs of this divine course using Mazzi NNAMDIKANU and his millions of unshakable disciples as instrument to achieve this very course.

IPOB is not a political party, neither  is ipob an association . We are indigenous people . Freely exercising our right of self determination under article 3 of United Nations Charter .

 On this cause  we the indigenous people of biafra having tried in participating in various election under zoo government for over 50yrs only to end up getting our people enslaved more .

 If we should refresh our memory back be reminded that  we campaigned for Peter Obi and voted for him and under his 8yrs reigns as executive governor of Anambra state he never represented our interest rather he rewarded us by ordering the massacre of our people and dumping their dead body  in Ezu river on the instruction of  their slave master Hausa|fulanis at the aso rock
 This very murderous Willie OBIANO is another vampire who biafran campaigned vigorously On radio biafra and house to house campaign to see him sit there and represent our interest, But at the end of the day what did we get in return ?

In his  very first time in office he went directly to arch genocide   BUHARI after shaking him he was given instruction on how to massacre his own People the same IPOB that voted him in office.

 And without looking back he have been carelessly massacring  his own Peoples using all the zoo military and police force just to please their political slave masters in order to sustain  the sit of power in anambara government house

 Time shall fail me if i should remind you about how much IPOB campaigned for Nyesom Wike of River State, Ikpeazu of Abia state . But these two individuals went into agreement with the same care taker of the  British zoo called Hausa\fulanis in asorock and agreed to massacre their own People the same Ipob that voted them into office as only condition to declare them authentic winner of  their governorship positions  at the zoo electoral   tribunals.

 Therefore as indigenous people we decided to take the bull by it's horn. In as far as we can not be represented even if we send some one to represent us . He must be given unavoidable condition to denounce his own People. And further massacre his own People. We realize that any Election under this contraption called Nigeria for biafrans be it presidential Election , Governorship Election Is as a poisonous food to biafrans that  shall eventually kill us

As it's very clear that the northern Islamic 1999 constitution  was made for permanent enslavement of biafran. We therefore have only civil disobedience as only weapon to liberate ourselves from this permanent enslavement. And thereby adopts boycotting of election as a peaceful and democratic process to show our displeasure on this failed union called Nigeria for the world to know how serious we are in our quest in restoration of our motherland,

Where we can determine our political, Economical, cultural and religious future as enshrined in articles 3 of United Nation chater. This very carefully taken decision by indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB ) led by the supreme leader maazi NNAMDIKANU that shall automatically collapse the evil entity called zoological republic of Nigeria.

 Has coursed serious confusion in the kingdom of darkness  called assorock . And they are running helcter and skelter 
to undermine our resoluteness and resolve in our decision . They resulted in trying to blackmailing IPOB as a violence groups by misquoting us  where we say boycott election they said ipob shall disrupt Election.
 Where we say sit at home on election day. They quot IPOB threaten  to stop election. They sponsored terrorists to attack churches in biafra land to provoke us to violence. They sponsored Arewa Youths to declare quit order to igbos living in the north region  just to intimidate us to drop our peaceful agitation for our self determination. 

They used Arewa youths to incite violence in releasing hateful war song calling for genocide against our people just to provoke us to violence and counter reaction so they can pass hate speech bill into law , The law that  only them will determine the speech that is hate speech;  Only to silence our voice. 

They sponsored Arewa Youths to protest for revoking the bail of our supreme leader MAAZI NNAMDIKANU.

 The same Arewa Youths they hypocritically declared wanted for arrest were seen been guided by the same police that declared them wanted as they protest for rearresting of maazi NNAMDIKANU. They sponsored some hungry charge and bail lawyers that call themselves (ASLADD) to tag us anarchist just to intimidate us to drop our civic right to boycott election.

 In all these we remain unshakable in our decision and are going about our peaceful evangelism for our people to understand need to use their right not to vote by boycotting the upcoming election to collapse this very contraption that have kept us in slavery for ages once and for all .

Having seen that every step they took make us stronger. They sponsored emergency meeting with group they call (ALA IGBO ) with only their media  Knowing fully that not even 1 or 2hrs meeting with the so called igbo elders can make any difference with a collective decision taken by all clan of indigenous people of biafra and adopted by her supreme leader the trusted man maazi NNAMDIKANU.

 But their tactics was to use their media propaganda machine to decisive  some ignorant few to come out to vote on that day. But I tell you here they shot themselves on the leg again because we are very much equal to the task to counter their lies both off and online media . As the hash tag remain #No_Referendum_Date_No_Elections_In_Biafra_land_Any_More.

Published and edited by  : Anyi Kings 
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