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August 25, 2017

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari by this time should have be cooling off his ass in the prison for his war time crimes against humanity during the Biafra genocidal war of 1967-1970 where he picked up soft targets of innocent Biafra citizens and massacred them in quantum; Mohammadu Buhari also as a civilian President and unrepentant dictator ordered his Hausa-Fulani ethnic soldiers to murder innocent members of Indigenous people of Biafra and Shiite Muslims without no trial from the relevant law bodies.
With disappointment on the side of the international recognized body to extradite this tyrant for his crimes against humanity pushed him to informed his murderous Nigerian Military outfit to treat the Indigenous people of Biafra and her unarmed Security Service in the same measure with Boko Haram members who are armed to the teeth terrorizing the whole Nigeria state.

With this unholy move of declaration of war on the members of the Indigenous people of Biafra We question the International communities why the sudden declaration and call from the peadophile Muhammadu Buhari ordering his service chiefs after an indoor meetings to clamp-down on IPOB and her unarmed security service for demanding for their right to self-determination without molesting anybody in any part of the Nigeria federation.

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari, it is obvious to us is living in pretense of not knowing or aware that in the Northern part of Nigeria where he originated from have an institutionalized sharia law court, Sharia Police known as the Hisbah Police and this people are going about their legitimate businesses in the North without any form of molestation or clamp-down on them by the Nigerian Government since inception.

Why are these individuals both in their sharia law courts and sharia police moving about freely, carrying out their mandated operations without any form of molestation nor clamp-down by the Nigerian Government since the Nigeria constitution did not uphold or create room for such bodies to be in existence?
The truth of the matter concerning this malicious order from the Nigerian tyrant Mohammadu Buhari where he commanded his military service chiefs to deal with the Indigenous people of Biafra and her legitimate security outfit which is recognized under the United Nations Charter where it stipulated that the Indigenous people has the right to all forms of social, cultural and political rights to form an independent state without any form of molestation, maiming, killing and reprehension from the old state.

The Indigenous people of Biafra have observed with every sense of rational and logical reasoning that this move by dictator Mohammadu Buhari ordering his service chiefs to crush the indigenous people of Biafra and her legitimate security outfit when it is rightly cited in the United Nations charter was made out of his innate hatred for the Biafrans mainly Biafrans of the Igbo extraction.
We question the sense of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari why have he and his Islamic Government hasn't condemned the ever-marauding Islamic Hausa-Fulani herdsmen that had been ravaging the whole of Biafra land, killing the poor village farmers; destroying their farm land and farm inputs, raping our young sisters and mothers without the Government of Mohammadu Buhari making any attempt to arrest these soulless individuals. Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari should have this at the back of his mind that the Indigenous people of Biafra security service was borne out of the inability of the Nigerian Government to protect their lives and properties since the war ended till date.

Dictator Mohammadu Buhari doesn't want any form of avenue of defence in Biafra land so as to create enough space for his ethnic murderous herdsmen and Nigerian Military to keep on killing the Biafrans without the culprits facing judgement; this we sense motivated this blood thirsty Dracula to ordered for the clamp-down on Biafrans. When has it become a crime in the world to keep watch and ensure that there is sufficient safety of lives and properties regarding to the fact that security operatives in the Mohammedan Emirate of the North provide this for their people but turned to be all jihadists who are trigger happy in their frenzy ways and delight on spilling the blood of the innocent Biafrans in Biafra when deployed in this part of the country.
yrant Mohammadu Buhari should not forget so quick that his Boko Haram brothers who are gainfully employed in the Nigerian Military under his very watch coupled with the menace of Hausa-Fulani herdsmen has been killing the Biafrans in their land without the Government's protection; we ask what measures has he [Mohammadu Buhari] taken so far to stop these senseless killings? Is self-defense not recognized in any International conventions, treaties and charters of the world that Mohammadu Buhari wants to start another bloody war without any superior argument to buttress his points of commanding his service chiefs to kill and wipe out the Biafrans.

Nnamdi Kanu thought of a security guard to protect his people and he went ahead approved this armless security service in other to tame the wildness of this ravaging herders and murderous Nigerian armed forces to face judgment day since the Nigerian Government is hell-bent to prey on them; instead of Mohammadu Buhari to appreciate this young intelligent brain rather ordered his Military outfits toclamp-down on them. For this to work out tyrant Mohammadu Buhari should first dissolve those security operatives in northern parts of the Mohammedan Emirate known as the Hisban Police or Sharia police and then Odua People's Congress security outfit in the Western part of Nigeria known as Oduduwa Republic before clamping-down on Biafra security service. Mohammadu Buhari should note that Biafrans will stop at nothing to make sure they stop the killing of their fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers and children and on this note we say all hail Biafra.

Published/Edited  by : Anyi Kings 
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