Authored By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi – of (TBP)
August 21th , 2017

Law as a subject or a body of legal matters and studies has to do with standard rational and logical reasoning and should not be put in a place out of personal sentiments looking for who or one to judge with such laws if enacted to be an act or edit; it is morally wrong to make laws in other to send a perceived opponent to the hangs man or life imprisonment because the principal actor here thinks that his gimmicks are coming to public disgrace and also to public enlightenment of what is not known to be known to the public.
 For a bill, act or edit to become a governing law in a given and sane society it must has to be promulgated by the people who solemnly agreed to abide and uphold the writings for which they vowed to respect and uphold; but this is contrary to what is obtainable in Nigeria of today where a certain set of people make otherwise what they choose and believe is law and imposed it on the people as a guide to keep opposing voices in perpetual slavery, agony of the mind and total subjugation.

The inexactness in the speeches credited and made by a man who is supposedly a professor at law has really shown that he has no cogent idea of what law and being a practitioner of it really means or entails; his recent speech has shown that an average African becomes stupid hence such a person sees himself or herself within the corridor's of power.

I have taken my time to conduct studies on materials that has to do with the legal professional courses so as to understand or derive points where the Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osibanjo got his own version of what he termed hate speeches and narrowing it to mean terrorism acts but couldn't ascertain where he got this from; simple put, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo was running away from retributions of what he and his principal Mohammadu Buhari did to the previous government under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who they bullied out of the office.

Hate speeches all I can say started with the current political party in power in Nigeria as at today; the devised means of spreading these hate speeches across the length and breadth of this British man-made empire nick-named Nigeria; it became an effective tool to sabotaged the Goodluck Jonathan's administration. Maybe Mr. Vice President has forgotten so quick that he and his principal Mohammadu Buhari got to that position on a democratic settings or avenue.
For a sitting Vice President acting on the orders of his principal actor Mohammadu Buhari to have imposed hate speeches on his subjects as an   act of terrorism to which its penalty has to do with jail terms depicts that the country is shifting to totalitarian, dictatorial, tyrannical, autocratic or fascist system of government and I wonder what happens to a supposedly Professor of law integrity if he cannot defend his profession for which he was called to bar and later became a professor to that category as well.

In a sane democracy even if such malicious and wicked bill, act or edit is to be promulgates into becoming law governing the state; what happens to the law making body of such  state? is it the statutorily right of the executive to make laws? or to sign it into law while the judiciary works first with the legislative arms for clarification and interpretation of it before it will be sent to the executive arm for endorsement.
Did Prof. Yemi Osibanjo passed through the right channels for legal drills before he was badged with the award of Professorship?. Professor Yemi Osibanjo forgot so quick that democracy uphold the freedom of speech, information, press, assembly, movement, worship and association; is Nigeria operating the opposite of what democracy should or is all about?

Here in Nigeria the executive arm of government had pedaled on all other arms of government and exerted his powers on them to obey or harass them with his bully secret security outfit -DSS-; the song and ultimatum released by unscrupulous Arewa Youths is a good example of what hate speeches are but rather it is what is obtainable in a democratic settings, Mr. Vice President should know you cannot call for their arrest unless they resorted to violence by using lethal materials to maim, bully or kill.

Professor Yemi Osibanjo's unethical analysis of what is not obtainable within the reach of law as a body or within the confinements of legal statues has constrained the writer to place a big question mark on Mr. Yemi Osibanjo's Doctoral thesis and defense leading to Professorship award to him; if a man who is to address the law the way it should be, will be the one to give-in a counterfeit of the law gives room to call back for his withdrawal in anything that has to do with legal matters. Prof.Yemi Osibanjo's many blunders on issues relating to legal matters since his supposition as the Vice President of Nigeria has signaled to the civilized world that Nigeria and Africa at large are jokers of the 21st century; his first blunder was when he placed the Nigerian 1999 constitution above the United Nations Charter for Indigenous people and their right to self-determination, a supposedly constitution without referendum sicced in it is pure but a junta constitution where the military rules by decrees and this Professor of law who is also a democrat could not question the status quo; that it is guilty for him to practice or operate with such a military constitution in a democracy.

Professor Yemi Osibanjo should have known that to boycott any given activities is an act of civil disobedience enshrined in the universal laws and does not entail to mean disrupt as that is violent approach; Mr. Yemi Osibanjo had dawdled on so many fronts in other to cage the Indigenous people of Biafra since the cabals in Aso-Rock are forcing him to do so, so as not to see him as a lame but time shall tell who wins at last.

Published/Edited by : Anyi Kings 
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