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21 August 2017
We are all certain that IPOB will not go out on the Election Day to vote any candidate; the meeting with Ala Igbo group is miles away from changing that stance.
This will bring about constitutional crisis and give huge credit to Biafra agitation. There is no doubt that when election is successfully boycotted; international figures and community will be drawn to the situation.

Election boycott is a huge advantage to Biafra restoration project and the act became paramount because of the uncivilized approach of Nigerian government towards Biafra agitation.

Nnamdi Kanu is the man with the vision and this places him in the nucleus of decision making in IPOB, some of us have tried to deny the fact that the people of Biafra have a leader and few of us in Lagos rant that Nnamdi Kanu is not an Igbo leader, let alone Biafra leader.

We continue to shoot ourselves on our legs because of sheer jealousy or political relevance and status quo. First of all, we must admit that there is a leader who must be taken serious or we learn lessons the hard way. If we don’t come close and negotiate our interests; we would always find things hard with him and the people.

Ala Igbo invited Nnamdi Kanu to a meeting and as a humble leader; he honored the meeting; the meeting was centered on Anambra state election- months after Nnamdi Kanu declared no-election in Biafra land, seeing that it is a serious thing, Ala Igbo decided to make a wise move.

The meeting is now too little too late, I cannot say what took Ala Igbo so long to meet Nnamdi Kanu, are they today coming to the reality that there is a leader that must be listened to? Nnamdi Kanu is a leader that is people-oriented, he would never take a decision without considering his people and that places him in a tight corner.

Since the inception of the current agitation for the restoration of Biafra, had Ala Igbo met Nnamdi Kanu or shown atom of concern over the plight of the people, Nnamdi Kanu could have rode on their backs to any height he is today.
But knowing that elders made things so hard for the people; they seized the dream of the people and it took Nnamdi Kanu sweat and blood to give the people relevance. Elders trying to come in now and fill a gap may be very hard; because they are facing a people that have no belief on them any longer.
There are many more situations to be created if political leaders and the likes of Ala Igbo, Ohaneze and co did not align with the people. Today might be election boycott and tomorrow may be something we are all directly involved.

Some decisions became very crucial due to the insensitivity of the elders and political leaders; there must be a way to correct the mistakes that have denied the people everything. Recently, after the meeting Nnamdi Kanu held with Alaigbo, media strongly floated the news that Nnamdi Kanu has withdrawn the threat to boycott Anambra state election.
 Let me first make it clear that Nnamdi Kanu only told Indigenous People of Biafra not to cast their votes, he is their leader and he holds their indigenous mandate. There is no atom of threat in the call for election boycott; it is a civil disobedience to press home a demand.
 Ala Igbo and the Nigerian media can swiftly float lies but in the end; Biafran media is there to make it clear. Suddenly; to go and consult IPOB leadership became acceptance for the Nigerian news syndicates but that is rather a premeditated effort to tarnish the image of the leader of IPOB.

Nnamdi Kanu may not call off Anambra state no-election because the people of Biafra have taken their position which he represents. It would go beyond having a meeting with him to change the position of the people and because Nnamdi Kanu is people’s orientated leader, the election boycott may remain unchanged.

The pressure on Nnamdi Kanu might rightly do nothing because it a classical problem between the people and their wish. Though compromise is essential tool but in this case; there is a goal set by Nnamdi Kanu and until that goal is achieved, compromise may be impossible.

What can change no-election position of the people is a date for their referendum or assurance of their referendum within a time frame, that is the only key to lifting election ban in Anambra state and Biafra land; and in all fairness, it is worth the decision.

Ala Igbo instead of meet Nnamdi Kanu and plead for election to be held should as quickly as possible start consulting other groups and reach a consensus on the decision of the people. They should meet the government of Nigeria and press home a time frame for referendum to ensure smooth running of political affairs in Biafra land. There is a little time left before the period of election and though Nnamdi Kanu will continue to honor invitations; he may not be able to lift election ban due to the fact he puts the people of Biafra first in all his endeavors.
 Ala Igbo and sister organizations should rather convince the people of Biafra on their referendum before pleading to their leader. Nnamdi Kanu is too wise to succumb to something that would stir doubts on the mind of his people.

Published/Edited by : Anyi Kings 
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