By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 29, 2017

A teenager killed by Rochas' Hausa-Fulani soldiers at Eke-Ukwu, Owerri
“I just saw women, children and men shedding tears; what happened?”

“It is our Governor, our Governor and My People, My People”

“Tears of joy for his love and compassion or tears of pains?”

“You ask as if any governor can cause tears of joy; traders are in pains, a trader lost his son”

“Traders in pains and a trader lost his son, May God punish death, illness or motor accident, what took his life?”

“The governor’s soldiers from Artillery Brigade Obinze; they stormed the market in the night for demolition and then this morning, a trader’s son that came to help his father secure goods was shot”
“Please; were goods inside the demolished shops?”

“Yes; they came in the night and goods worth millions were demolished with the structures; the governor wanted traders to move to another cite”

“I just watched the video of some of the governor’s aide appreciating traders for successfully moving to another site and also heard them say traders are jubilating in support of the relocation”

“See; I am also the governor’s aide or member of his kitchen cabinet; I want to be liberal on this one, he failed it. The aides saying that are heartless as well; they are only defending their pocket; ancestral market, I am not part of that”

“Why are you saying that; defend your boss, you are not disciplined, but if you choose to be objective, the walls have ears o”
“These people massively voted us into power against all odds; even though we want to attack them, not in the night, not with their goods, not even ancestral market, I am a traditionist”

“Ok; I will freely talk, I was afraid of you, maybe you wanted to get words from me and the governor will switch his focus”
“Switch focus; I am afraid of the gods of the land; that ancestral market is something else”

“What actually is the reason behind the demolition of Eke-Ukwu Market?”
“He wants to make Imo State small London; he built another market elsewhere and also wants people to relocate there”

“The governor said that criminal activities are much there; he also said that traders turned a road to dumping site and that the market virtually cut-off a road link”

“The criminal claim is playing devil’s advocate; the relocation is disrespect because Eke-Ukwu is ancestral market, it is our culture, Eke-Ukwu deserves respect. Link road or not; it is not an issue; those traders pay for sanitation as well, the governor left a dumping site if there is ever one”

“Does it mean Rochas Okorocha is not an Igbo man; he acted as though he is a stranger, he seems not to know the implication of tempering sacred places?”

“Rochas is rumored to be from the North; his father came from the North while his mother is from Imo, he was bred in the North and he has lost the virtue of Ndi-Igbo”

“Don’t you think he neglected these market women and men that voted for him?”

“That is the point my brother; these market women voted, the state have not created enough jobs, the state don’t help them or give them incentive. Nigeria itself is not workable; the masses are suffering because nothing is moving forward. The Governor destroyed means of sustenance of these people just for the sake of building roads for the rich. At a point; this government is becoming insensitive, purely the government of the rich”

“The issue of killing a trader’s son; what do you also think of that?”

“My brother; what are soldiers doing at Eke-Ukwu? Is Eke-Ukwu North-east terrorist fight or boundary enemies stay? I am just confused; the major purpose of deploying soldiers was to kill anybody that dares and the little boy dared by trying to extract his father’s goods from the shop under demolition and he was shot. The governor don’t give a damn; I even saw a video where people were molested by the soldiers, it was a war situation”

“But the soldiers have denied killing; the state government also denied but I saw the father of the deceased in tears and people confirmed and consoled him, is that one Nollywood film?”

“The denial is to show they don’t care about the people; instead of showing remorse, the soldiers and state government deny that. From the look of things; you find out that they planned it, the state and the military, they are demons”

“I heard that the place to be relocated is Rochas plaza?”

“The walls have ears; I have a job anyway, I talked because Eke-Ukwu is a sacred place and the gods of the land can hear me and know that I am not involved or in support. The gods are wise; they may choose to be silent but will definitely come, nemesis will catch up with the attackers of Eke-Ukwu”

“Chai; Rochas has no respect for our culture”

“That is part of our existence; he is coming to contest presidential election, I am hopeful that you people will vote him once more. He might decide to create a link road on all the ancestral shrines and places in Southsouth and Southeast”

“God forbid bad; this was why Nnamdi Kanu told the people to stop voting, the more we vote them, the more they destroy us”

“But will the people hear? Rochas is making life unbearable for them because they voted; whichever way, I dey. My brother make I go office, we talk tomorrow”

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