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TBP August 28, 2017

Owerri- On 25th day of August being Friday 2017 the leadership of Eke-Ukwu Owerri market rang bell to alert and informed the traders that they  had a meeting with the Governor of Imo State Anayo Rochas Okorocha, at Imo State International Conference Center; it was in the meeting that the said Governor of Imo State told the gathered traders of his own personal wish and thought to demolish the Eke-Ukwu Owerri Market within 48 hours; after this announcement from the tyrant Governor without any form of question or public opinion dropped the microphone and left the event center.

Recall that this high-headed tyrant Governor[Anayo Rochas Okorocha] had in the past took some of the Eke-Ukwu Owerri market leadership to a bushy land at Egbeada without him being the Governor erecting any building there where the traders can pack; stock and sell their commodities, this rural area has no access road as erosion and flood are major constraints towards transversing that area. Due to the nature of that area and the inability of the State Governor to develop the area, forced the traders to stay back and continue with their businesses until the Governor [Rochas Okorocha] comes up with something tangible to show that he is serious over him relocating them.

Barely fifteen hours the Governor [Rochas Okorocha] deployed all the armed forces and state created security operatives to come and force the indigenes and owners of the market inside their houses; on receiving this callous threat on their lives by the Governor while he traveled to Abuja for APC caucus meeting, the former youth leader of Owerri Chief Ebube Agu sent some of his kinsmen to play agogo (town crire )lerting the traders that they should continue with their businesses as what they perceived that their market is traditional and indigenous market not Government created market.

On the eve of that same Friday night the youths of Owerri went on a peaceful demonstration and protest highlighted their points and opinion to the deployed Military men on-ground why they can not  allow the Governor to go  ahead with his plans; later that same midnight between the hours of 3:30am a call came-in to which we cannot say who called the Military but the  people instincts said it was the Governor that called; later the both parties agreed that it was only illegal structures along the ever-busy Douglas road Owerri, after this agreement some youths rescinded from the peaceful demonstration cum protest to their various houses in peace.

The people of Owerri never knew that Rochas Okorocha has another plan and second thought for them; later by 5:00am another information filtered in that the Governor has reneged from the agreement he reached upon with the people of Owerri not to demolish their traditional market which they inherited by virtue of blood and indigenous rights; on reaching Douglas road by 5:00am bulldozers has started demolishing things not in-line with the agreement reached upon.

Also recall that the Governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha and the people of Owerri are in competent court of jurisdiction; there is an effective court injunction that mandated the Governor to withdraw from carrying out this demolition exercise until the final ruling, instead of him [Rochas Okorocha] to wait pending the outcome of the court ruling acted out of his own tyrant power just to weaken and wicked Owerri people that he is in-charge and that he is the Governor and that he has the final say; what! In a democratic setting.

The information we got from the indigenes of Owerri is that Rochas Okorocha has bought one side of the market opposite Heritage Bank near Rotobi-Douglas road and built a personal market plaza which no one is patronizing his shops therefore he came up with threat to demolish the Eke-Ukwu Owerri market so as to persuade the traders to come over to his own personal plaza; another source also has it that Rochas Okorocha has also perfected plans to sell their traditional market to Dangote his blood brother.

For Rochas Okorocha to perfect his plans; recruited Ohaji amnestied militants group that his Government granted amnesty and paid them huge amount of money in the tune of fifteen million naira with pump action guns; short guns and other forms of fortifications to fight over Owerri people, the leader of this dreadful group is known as Banga who led his boys to fight the fight for the Government.

What happened on the 26th day of August 2017 can be said to be a "Black Saturday" for the indigenes of Owerri; Rochas Okorocha rented militants pursue the indigenes of Owerri inside their homes to pave way for the demolition exercise to continue, the rented militants shot direct bullets at unarmed youths of Owerri under the state supervision of the Nigerian Military, Police, Civil defence and Imo security network. The Nigerian armed security operatives instead formed a ring-support behind the rented militants; in any case that the security operatives witnessed any form of resistance from the youths of Owerri to stop the demolition exercise shot live bullets and tear gas to dispersed the people from protesting.

Moreso while the demolition exercise was on-going the rented militants on the go, looted people's goods; maimed passerbys, laptops, phones and purses were snatched away from the people by Okorocha rented boys and the Government protected them in the face of this ugly and public harassment, this got the youths of Owerri infuriated to question this ugly scenario and the security operatives rained bullets on them; this now led to the military shooting uncontrollably at different directions; on the spot the commander of Imo security watch shot direct at former youth leader of Owerri Chief Ebube Agu for cheering the youths up not to relent in their efforts to resist the demolition until there comes a satisfactory court ruling.

Due to the nature of violence employed by Okorocha rented militants which the public incurred pushed them to start burning some places  since the military and the militants has joined hands in shooting and killing for daring to ask questions; what type of society are we in that the government rented militants to maim and kill the same people he sworn an oath to protect? Who gave these boys the guns they used against the youths of Owerri? The Nigerian military shot dead a ten years old boy who went with the father to pack out their goods before the demolition exercise will reach or get to his father's shop; these and more questions are begging for answers.

Rochas Okorocha rented militants later resorted into breaking people's houses with stones, clubs and lethal weapons; strayed bullets killed many resting in their homes and later in the evening of same day Rochas Okorocha came back into the State after their APC caucus meeting in Abuja; drove down to inspect what he instructed his boys to do, it was seen that they sang praises of him, popped champagnes and shared money in the open for a job well done.

Stay tuned as more information will be coming your way; this time around it will be one on one live encounter or personal interviews carried out to know how the people felt over this evil act by Rochas Okorocha.

Published/Edited  by : Anyi Kings
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