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28 August 2017
Hello Biafrans. My name is Evan. A citizen of Russian Federation. On behalf of myself and millions of Russians who represent objective view of your struggle for self determination, hereby decides to step in and make our voice to be heared by everyone out there. The entire world have been watching closely, The unbelievable dramas going on in the Nigerian justice system, where people will be arrested and send to prisons for just no reason, where innocent IPOB peaceful protesters will be shot and killed by Nigerian soldiers and police, where the president disobey court orders in favor of his own personal ambitions and other absurdities in nations legal systems.

Dear Biafrans, We want assure you that we stand in solidarity with your leader Nnamdi Kanu. We stand in solidarity with Benjamin Mmadubugo, our friend and brother . We stand in solidarity with other innocent Biafrans in Nigeria prisons; We demand that Mr Benjamin Mmadubugo be allowed to his unconditional freedom, We stand in solidarity with all the people of Biafrans. Do not think that you are alone. Many people around the world are in solidarity with you because your struggle is legitimate and justifiable under international law.

Never you give up my only advice to you is to be careful with the great Britain because they have not been your friend and will never be. We wish you the best of luck and hope to visit Biafra land in the nearest future . May God bless the people of Biafra. From Russia federation with love . Evan.

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